• Monday Morning News

    As you might expect there is a lot of Apple Watch stories starting to pop up. Kicking us off this morning is a New York Times piece regarding steps to preserve power. According to the times the Watch will feature a called Power Reserve, which will make the device display the time only. The story also details how staff have been able to wear the device in public during testing, they were disguised as Samsung Smart Watches.

    9to5Mac meanwhile report that Apple is planning pop up stores to display the Watch. The stores are expected to be in Paris, London and potentially at SXSW in Austin. Of course you will note that there is no mention of anything down under at this stage.

    Tim Cook has been jetting around the World in the last week or so and Friday was in London , where Cult of Mac tell us he informed staff at the Covent Garden that the Apple Watch would day replace your car keys.

    Lastly on the Apple Watch it seems Apple is also building a structure next to Yerba Buena. Reports suggest this will be used to display the Watch after the keynote.

    Of course whilst a. Lot of attention is on the Apple Watch, Apple isn't forgetting its other products. It is rightly proud of the in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So much so it has turned over its homepage to promote photos taken with them.

    A long running patent dispute between Ericsson and Apple has gone up a notch with Ericsson seeking a ban on the import into the U.S. on products using the technology. This would include the iPhone and iPad. A previous patent licensing deal between the companies expired in January according to Macrumors. Just for good measure Ericsson also filed seven complaints with a court in Texas.

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