• Thursday Morning News

    As part of the pre-launch hype for the Apple Watch the device is featured in multi page spread in Vogue Magazine. Now I am sure you all have a copy of that right next to you, in fact many of you were reading it no doubt before you started on this fine piece of writing. An interesting feature of the ads is that the pictures of the Watch are actual size, so if do can get your hands on a copy it may be the first time to see what it looks like on your wrist!

    We also learnt a little bit more about the Apple Watch overnight from a Tim Cook address to Apple staff in Berlin. Cook told the staff he wears his Apple Watch constantly, including in the shower. Cook also confirmed he charges the Watch every night.

    In case you were wondering how powerful Final Cut Pro X is, Apple want to assure you very powerful. If you are still having doubts then you should visit this page to see how the Hollywood film “Focus” starring Will Smith and Australian Margot Robbie was edited using only Final Cut Pro X.

    In a similar vein Cult of Mac are carrying a look into how a full episode of the popular comedy show “Modern Family” was shot entirely on Apple products. Products used include the iPhone 6, iPar Air 2 and the MacBook facetime camera.

    We haven’t talked legal stuff for a little while, but we are about to change that. Apple has lost a court case for patent infringement involving iTunes and patents held by a company called Smartflash LLC. A Texas jury ordered Apple to pay them US$533 million. Smartflash is going after Samsung next according to the 9to5Mac report.

    We finish up with an interesting, though not surprising, survey by 9to5Mac of its readers that find 60% of them want Apple to increase the thickness of the next iPhone to increase battery life. My own trawling of the MacTalk forums would suggest that we are pretty much of the same view and the quest for thinness is something that people are getting far less excited about.

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