• Tuesday Morning News

    Yesterday saw reports that the iOS beta program will be opened up the public. Whilst that might be the case, it won’t be with beta 2 of iOS 8.3, which went live to developers overnight. In addition to the iOS beta Apple also issued a beta update for the Apple TV.

    On top of the iOS and Apple TV releases, developers also received the latest OS X beta, being 10.10.3. Both the iOS and OS X betas feature new Emoji’s among other updates.

    The hiring wars continue, with Apple now being said to be chasing Samsung engineers with chip and battery expertise. 9to5Mac bring us up to speed on a report from the Korea Times, which suggest this isn’t the first time Apple has targeted Samsung engineers.

    We are all aware of the focus on environmental issues at Apple. That gets a further push along with the announcement overnight that they are building two new data centres in Europe, which will run fully on renewable energy. The plants will be in Ireland and Denmark and will cost 1.7 billion Euro.

    “We are grateful for Apple’s continued success in Europe and proud that our investment supports communities across the continent,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “This significant new investment represents Apple’s biggest project in Europe to date. We’re thrilled to be expanding our operations, creating hundreds of local jobs and introducing some of our most advanced green building designs yet.”

    If you are hanging out for CarPlay and drive or plan on buying a Toyota, you are in for a long wait. Talking to the New York Times the Japanese car giant said that whilst it was talking to both Apple and Google, about their Android Auto, it has no plans to support either in the United States anytime soon. Their manager for advanced technology communications John Hanson said “We may all eventually wind up there, but right now we prefer to use our in-house proprietary platforms for those kinds of functions,” Mr. Hanson said.

    Do you log into iTunes using your AOL username and password. Ok, I could guessed no. Anyway if you for some add reason do then I have bad news for you. From March Apple will be dropping support for the option. I am sure many older MacTalkers can remember those old AOL disks that came on magazines back in the day, not that I can remember what my usernames and password for AOL was!

    Many expect Apple to give up on iTunes in favour of its updated Betas music service. The latest Job offering from Apple however suggests they are still very much focused on iTunes. iMore reports on a job posting for the London office seeking someone to handle editorial content and they are looking for someone with experience across pop culture and music journalism.

    So there you go for this Tuesday, enjoy the day people.

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