• Monday Morning News

    We start a new week of morning news with the story that Apple may be about to adopt a public beta for future iOS updates. The report comes from 9to5Mac and is said to be part of a move to eliminate bugs before general release of iOS updates. We have of course seen the public beta used for OS X in the recent Yosemite upgrade. The beta will be handled by the public AppleSeed program and is expected to launch in mid-March.

    The possible Apple Car continues to get a lot of attention, with this time Bloomberg coming out with a story that Apple wants to launch the car as soon as 2020. According to the report that is an aggressive goal as automakers normally take five to seven years developing a new car. As you might expect, Apple representatives declined to comment for the story.

    Do you have a 2011-2013 MacBook Pro that has video issues? Then you will welcome the news that Apple has launched a Repair Extension program. Whilst it launched in the U.S. and Canada on 20 February, it will launch in Australia on 27 February. You can get more details at the link above.

    Of course it wouldn’t be a news day without an Apple Watch story. Today it is the claim by 9to5Mac that despite reports that say otherwise, you will be able to buy Watch straps on launch day. The report is based on their sources, and lets face it they do have a great record and it seem sources. So maybe time to start saving some extra pennies for those extra straps on launch day.

    The Oscars are in the air and to mark the annual academy awards ceremony, Apple has aired a new iPad Air advert. This one has a focus on, you guessed it, Filmaking and is narrated by Martin Scorsese. You can watch it below, or sit through the awards show in the hope it is shown.

    Right about there seems a good place to stop, so enjoy your Monday people, and of course any non-people reading this.

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