• Friday Morning News

    It is congratulations all round at Apple today as it topped the Fortune Worlds Most Admired Companies for the 8th year running. Right behind Apple was Google, surpassing Amazon who also fell behind Berkshire Hathaway. Apple topped all nine components of the survey. The results come from a survey of 4,104 executives, directors and financial analyst.

    If you read the reports of a possible Apple Car and thought, yeah really how much is Apple focused on this. We might have got some insight with a new lawsuit being lodged against them from the Electric Car Battery maker A123 Systems, for poaching top engineers according to Re/code. The engineers are being poached according to the suit to build a large-scale battery division.

    In a similar vain 9to5Mac have been digging around to find out who Apple might have hired for the car project. They found that there is a long list of automotive experts from companies like Ford, Tesla and as you might guess from the story above a few A123 executives.

    The price of the gold Apple watch edition continues to be a talking point and 9to5Mac decided to survey its readers on what price they thought. The result was that 80% felt it would be priced at less than US$4,500. There was even some 3.8% expect it to cost over US$10,000.

    By now if you are struggling to keep up with all Apple Watch stuff, the site Six Colors has a handy “What we know” Q&A. It is written by Jason Snell, ex MacWorld, and it is great to see Jason back writing about Apple.

    That will wrap up this weeks morning news, with the surprising reveal of what seems like a quite detailed Apple Car plan and the Apple Watch being the main themes. It is also worth heading back to read that Jony Ive interview in the New Yorker if you get the chance. Some are saying it is the most important piece on Apple in recent times, so high praise indeed.

    Enjoy your weekend and see you in the AppleSauce e-mail tomorrow.

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