• Thursday Morning News

    Many might be getting excited about the idea of Apple making an Apple branded car, but not every one is convinced. Case in point, Macrumors reports on a Bloomberg interview with former General Motors CEO Dan Akerson. Among the points Akerson makes is the high level of regulatory and safety requirements the industry faces. Also he belives that “They'd better think carefully if they want to get into the hard-core manufacturing," he said of Apple.

    "We take steel, raw steel, and turn it into car. They have no idea what they're getting into if they get into that." He also noted it was an industry that has low margins, in fact Bloomberg noted that Apple has a margin of 39.9% on sales of 18 Billion in the December quarter whilst GM had a margin of 14% on sales of $2 Billion.

    Well known Apple pundit John Gruber has weighed in with his thoughts on the Apple Watch. His belief is that Apple Watch Edition, the most expensive of the three models, will account for the majority of watch revenue despite its lower sales numbers. That is perhaps because it is expected to be one of, if not the highest, items Apple has ever sold.

    Speaking of pundits, following on from the Jony Ive New Yorker interview (which I am still reading through) the chief of Motorola Rick Osterloh has hit back. In the interview Ive took a shot at a competitor that allowed people to build their own phone. To Ive that was abdicating their responsibility. Talking to BBC, thanks iMore, Osterloh said they were taking the opposite approach to Apple and he also take the chance to say the prices Apple charges are “outrageous”. Clearly he wasn't in much doubt who Ive was talking about!

    We don’t talk a lot about apps in the morning news normally. However I did want to give a shout out to Microsoft that recently updated its apps to take advantage of iCloud Drive and today added OCR from an image to its OneNote Mac App.

    That brings an end to another slow news day in the world of Apple. I get the feeling this is the calm before the storm however.

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