• Wednesday Morning News

    If you have an Apple device with Touch ID then you likely have grown to love it. Well you might be about the see it in a lot more places, with 9to5Mac picking up a report from a blog that Touch ID may be coming to a Mac near you shortly. In the short term this is said to be the MacBook range and in particular the rumoured Retina MacBook Air 12-inch. This according to the report will allow Apple Pay functionality. It is also said to be coming to the desktop range via an upgrade to the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. In terms of credibility the site that originally carried the report did have legitimate photos of the iPad Air 2 touch ID and A8X chip last year.

    The team at Patently Apple have dug up another interesting Apple patent, this time a patent for a video headset, which includes picture in picture.

    The Wall Street Journal has published a report that the Apple Watch had to drop the original health features, due to consistency issues. Macrumors help us get past the paywall, to see that according to the report the Watch project was started 4 years ago and apart from the consistency issues concerns about potential oversight saw certain health features dropped. However the Journal has been told that whilst features were dropped for the first version, they may make a return in later versions of the watch.

    Also on the Apple Watch front, 9to5Mac reports that Apple is now helping some third-party developers to finish their apps at the Cupertino Headquarters. This will allow the developers to work directly with Apple engineers. Some reports have suggested up to 100 devleopers may be involved. In a further sign of how keen Apple is to have apps up and running on launch day it seems they invited the devlopers to Cupertino. They are also said to be working with Banks around making applications to work with ApplePay.

    Cult of Mac meanwhile is noting that according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has only asked for around 5-6 Million Apple Watches to be made in first production run. Over half of those are expected to be the entry level model.

    So it turned out to be a bit of an Apple Watch Wednesday but with the launch now getting ever closer, I suppose we can expect a lot more Apple Watch stories to appear.

    Enjoy your day MacTalkers.

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