• Tuesday Morning News

    Jony Ive has been out and about talking again, this time giving an interview to the New Yorker. The interview covers subjects such as meeting Steve Jobs, strange gifts he has received over the years, the iPhone 6 and how it could have been bigger and of course the upcoming Apple Watch. The article is 16,000 word long, so if you donít want to read it all yourself, Cult of Mac have a more bite size and handy 12 things we learned from the article.

    Speaking of the Apple Watch Steve Wozniak has been also holding court about the upcoming Apple device and other matters. In an interview with the BBC, Woz expressed great enthusiasm for the Watch and described it as special. Donít just take my word for it, you can see the interview in the video below

    The iPad Pro rumour got a little leg up this morning with some pictures surfacing over at Macrumors, via a French site, of what is said to be a case for the rumoured larger iPad. Not a lot to make of it but it does seem to be missing some cut-outs in a previously seen case.

    There isnít a lot else around this moring all that newsworthy. Macrumors had a video of a white van that may or may not be linked to Apple, 9to5Mac had photoís of a new Apple office in Israel, seriously it may be an Apple office but it is just an office given an indication of the scarcity of any real news today.

    So might as well wrap it up there and we will see you all tomorrow.

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