• Leave my iPad Mini alone

    There can be no doubt the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus has been a great success for Apple. Whilst it is being outsold by the other new phone the iPhone 6, the Plus has continued to grow its share.

    Such has been the success of the 6 Plus and indeed other so called ĎPhabletsí from other companies many are calling the end for the iPad Mini. The fact that Apple only added Touch ID to the iPad Mini 3 only added fuel to the fire for those who believe the Mini is soon to head the way of the iPod classic.

    Whilst I can understand the logic of that thinking as the owner of both an iPad Mini and an iPhone 6 Plus I say no, Apple you leave my iPad Mini alone.

    In my opinion clearly there is much to like about all that extra screen real estate on the 6 Plus, however it really is not all that great as a reading experience. I find reading books rather pathetic on it and would not even consider trying to read say a newspaper of a magazine on that small a screen.

    Which is where the iPad Mini comes in. It is a big enough screen for those uses and yet small enough to be something you can carry around in your bag. In fact despite having previously owning an iPad Air, the mini is my daily commute device and I have only recently upgraded to the iPad Mini 2. Just as an aside I really couldnít see the point of paying the extra money to get the 64GB iPad Mini 3 for touch ID alone and find the 32GB Mini 2 more than meets my needs.

    Now I admit my use case is a little different as I am often typing the morning news on the train. Since public transport in Melbourne often means I donít get a seat, the Mini is the ideal device to screen type on standing up. Comfortable to hold, thumbs can comfortably reach the middle of the onscreen keyboard and of course when not needing to type it is a breeze to hold one handed while holding on.

    I know some of you are saying ďisnít this the same bloke who claimed Apple has to many products and needs to clean things upĒ. No doubt about that you are right, I do think that.

    It just happens that I donít think the Mini is the device that needs to go. If Apple does launch the so-called iPad Pro, I would then say the place of the iPad Air is actually the device I think could be dropped.

    The iPad Air is an interesting beast. Whilst I only had the last generation, even that device is pretty impressive. From all reports the upgrade late last year makes it a speed demon and provides a hint of the power that the iPad Pro may soon have as a on the go productive device.

    However if you have ever really tried to live with day in day out without a laptop as support, you know it doesnít quite get there. So for me the set up changed to a MacBook Air and iPad Mini.

    The rumoured iPad Pro however may change test that set up, with talk it will allow split screen multi-tasking as an example. If they use the larger form factor to add some expandability, USB anyone, then a larger size iPad just might be able to replace say a MacBook Air in your lineup.

    Whilst I can see that with the Pro I just donít see that with the iPad Air and so I think that is the iPad that could be dropped. Mobile users can grab a Mini and those who need more power to get the job done can grab the Pro.

    For what it is worth it does seem like the iPad Pro is going to be a very important product for Apple. With iPad sales showing some decline the device seems to be in need of a new reason for being and given the current range are great consumption devices, the Pro will be the iPad that makes it the mobile workhorse many are crying out for it to be.

    So at the end of the day, while I like all my Apple devices it is the iPad Mini that I would be very upset to see Apple drop from the range. I wouldnít like to see the iPad Air go either but I am strongly of the view that there isnít room for three form factors and therefore I am prepared to sacrifice the iPad Air to get a truly beefed up iPad Pro.
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