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    One of the Black Vans that started the talk Apple was working on a car.

    You might recall the strange story of the Black vans driving around San Francisco said to belong to Apple. You might also recall the odd rumour that Apple was working on an electric car.

    Well hold onto your hat MacTalkers, as no less than the Wall Street Journal has jumped on that rumour claiming Apple has several hundred employees working on an electric car. 9to5Mac picked up that the WSJ also made a point of saying that the Apple project was not about self driving cars.

    Reuters however beg to differ on that last point and claim that the car will in fact be an autonomous. Their report also suggest an electric car is the focus of the project.

    Both reports also come after the talk last week of the employee between Apple and Tesla, with Telsa said to have hired a large number of Apple employees.

    Whilst we await the expected rebranding and relaunch of Beats Music, it seems Apple is not holding back on spending for the iTunes Radio service. The BBC News has announced that high profile host Zane Lowe is leaving the Radio 1 in March and is headed to Apple. Whilst the report did not confirm the exact role he will have at Apple, Macrumors believes he will be working on the iTunes Radio streaming service.

    President Obama headed to Stanford University to host the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection overnight. Cult of Mac reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook used his invite to make the case that security needed to be improved, not weakened as some in the Government would like. Cook warned of “dire consequences” if the proper balance wasn’t struck between security and privacy.

    You can catch the speech by the Apple CEO yourself below.

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