• Friday Morning News

    Apple has reported on the progress to rid its supply chain of the use of so called ‘conflict’ minerals. These are minerals that have been mined from Democratic Republic of Congo and neighbouring countries. Re/code reports that whilst not all of the Apple suppliers have completed the required audit, but some 88% have either started or completed the process. Four that refused the request for the audit have been terminated by Apple.

    If you prefer two step verification then you will pleased to hear that Apple has now turned it on for iMessages and Facetime.

    Many of us are not fans of the Freemium model of game play, with annoying in app purchases required to continue progress in the game. It seems Apple has been listening and they are now highlighting games that are ‘Pay once and Play’ in the App store according to 9to5Mac.. Whilst not a complete solution hopefully it proves a success and more developers decide to just get us to pony up once and then leave us alone to play the game.

    Meanwhile Apple also announced that it was increasing the size of Apps submitted to the App store to 4GB from the previous 2GB. Macrumors notes that is the first time Apple has increased the App size limit since the App store first launched. However the 100mb over the air download limit will remain in place. Perhaps not such great news if you have a 16GB device!

    Cult of Mac have picked a report in the Economic Daily that the iPhone 6s may pick up some of the Apple Watch 3D touch tech. The report is based on rumours from the supply chain in China, though there doesn’t seem to be anything to really support it. In its favour it is not the first time that the link has been suggested.

    So ends the news for the week, enjoy the weekend and see you all again on Monday.

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