• Wednesday Morning News

    We often get a lot of details about upcoming iPhones and iPads from accessory makers, case makers in particular, who design products ahead of the launch. Well Apple is not happy about that. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has sought assurances from leading accessory makers that they will not seek details of upcoming devices. To back those assurances up, Apple has had them sign agreements. Breaching the agreement could see them lose future business opportunities with Apple.

    Think the 5K iMac is pretty stunning? Then how does a 8K Macbook display sound? The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has announced a new standard, version 1.4a, that will “enable a higher video data transfer rate for increased panel resolution, greater color depth and higher refresh rates”. Macrumors informs us that means all in one devices and notebooks could therefore be pushing 8K content sometime next year.

    There have been reports about black vans, said to belong to Apple, driving around San Francisco. Some have wondered if they are part of Apple taking on Google Street View, given they have cameras mounted on top. The latest rumour is that they are linked to something Apple is working on that 9to5Mac tell us will “give Tesla a run for its money”. I have to say up front, I just don’t but this one. Street View competitor maybe, but not taking on Tesla.

    After giving a downbeat assessment of projected iPad sales last week, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has gone all bullish again in the latest report. This time they are looking at Touch ID and predicting that the Touch ID sensor will be upgraded, likely in the next generation iPhone. They think that will be a good thing with over 262 million Touch ID modules shipped this year.

    We finish up this morning with the news that it seems you can drop your MacBook Air from a plane at a 1,000 feet it and it can still work! That is the story one South African pilot has after his MacBook Air,along with the bag holding it, fell from his plane. Lucky for him a farmer was below, who recovered the bag and bent MacBook Air. The Air booted up, though it seems it seems its cooling system didn’t survive the fall and the trackpad sadly is no longer with us.

    Despite that story I am not even going to let my MacBook Air fall from lap to the train floor, better to be safe than sorry I say.

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