• Tuesday Morning News

    If you have been hanging out for a refresh to the MacBook Air, your wait may be over. 9to5Mac have done the heaving lifting to bring us the English version of a report from letemsvetemappleem.eu, which suggests that we may see a refresh of the MacBook Air on 24th February. Before you get to excited, this will not be the expected 12-inch Retina version but just a standard spec refresh.

    A rumour has popped up suggesting that the iPhone 6s will retain the same 8-megapixel camera of the current iPhone. As Macrumors notes, that is bad news for the iPhone camera supplier Largan Precision. The rumour comes from Taipai based analyst report.

    In its latest advert for the iPad, Apple has chosen to highlight how you can make music with it. Catch the ad below

    The Apple Watch hasn’t even been released yet but Cult of Mac tells us that some Universities in the U.K. are already issuing rules to ban them and any other watches from Exams. The ban extends to even standard watches, since it is felt it is to hard for people overseeing exams to be able to tell the difference.

    Developers are getting a look this morning at the iOS 8.3 beta for the first time. That has been released alongside a new beta version of Xcode 6.3.

    Meanwhile 9to5Mac are being told that after a few years of feature additions being added to iOS, iOS 9 will have a ‘Huge’ stability and optimisation focus. As re sult it is expected that when it launches later this year, iOS 9 will feature a range of under the hood improvements.

    That is all for this edition of Tuesday news, enjoy the day MacTalkers.

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