• Monday Morning News

    The launch of the Apple Watch has taken a major step forward with Apple commencing training of selected retail employees. 9to5Mac report that the training is being undertaken in multiple countries including the U.S. and U.K.

    We often report on various Analysts and their glowing growth reports about Apple. However this time KGI have taken a different slant and are predicting the steepest decline in iPad sales in 2015, despite the likely launch of the 12-inch version of the iPad. They are predicting a 30% decline year over year, though it is still hard to sneeze at the predicted 44-45 million units.

    It appears that Apple is facing a new competitor for talent, electric car company Tesla. According to Bloomberg Tesla has hired over 150 Apple employees. It seems according to many the lure of working for Elon Musk and his mercurial temper and obsessive attention to detail, much like Steve Jobs, is a drawcard.

    Just in case Apple was thinking of moving away from Intel for it’s chip, iMore report that Intel CFO Stacy Smith has offered some observations saying “Our leadership over the rest of the industry is extending," Smith said. "We're not delayed relative to the industry. We're actually ahead of the industry.

    “For a customer like Apple you'd have to take a big step off performance to step off our architecture," Smith said. "That is what in essence enables us to win across different customers.”

    Meanwhile having seemingly seen off the threat of Apple switching to Sapphire Glass last year, Corning is not sitting back relaxing. It has just announced the a new glass that it claims is nearly as scratch-resistant as sapphire. The so called ‘Project Phire’ also provides superior drop protection according to the company. The CNET report indicates that Corning plans to ship ‘Project Phire’ later this year.

    So that is all the news for this Monday, see you all tomorrow.

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