• Friday Morning News

    Developers and testers are getting their first look at OS X 10.10.3 today. Amongst other things that also means their first look at the all new Photoís App beta. Macworld have sat down and taken a look at the beta to see what we might expect. They find that easier Navigation and more powerful editing are the headline acts.

    If you donít feel like reading, then watch the Verge review of Photoís video below

    Fresh reports suggest that Apple might indeed be about to launch a stylus for the iPad. This time a newly published patent application, Cult of Mac reports that amongst its goodies hints at is an ability to hover over the screen rather actual touch interaction.

    Another interesting Apple patent to surface today involves possible road side assistance. Yep you read that right, Re/code have picked up on a patent application by Apple that imagines a world where with a Bluetooth connection and a special code, your iPhone could unlock your car. Handy if your keys were locked inside, though I canít help thinking what could possibly go wrong having a car able to be opened by Bluetooth!

    I must admit one area of Apple I havenít really got my head around is HealthKit. The concept is easy to understand but it strikes me as an area I likely need to see how it works in real life to decide. That might be about to become a bit clearer though with a report from Reuters, picked up by 9to5Mac, that indicated of the top 23 hospitals in America, 14 told Reuters in a survey that they were running or would shortly be running the first stage of programs built on HealthKit. That means that more hospitals are using or plan to use HealthKit than the rival Google Fit.

    That wraps the news for this week, keep your eye out for AppleSauce in your inbox tomorrow.

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