• Tuesday Morning News

    In the recent quarterly report the slowing iPads sales were one of the few down notes, along with the non-reporting of iPod sales. Whilst not great these is some good news for Apple on the tablet front, with the latest data from IDC suggesting it is still number and the overall market is also falling. The overall table market shrank for the first time year on year with a 3.2% decline, whilst the iPad saw a 17.8% drop in year on year growth.

    Speaking of those quarterly numbers, there has been plenty of praise heaped on Apple. However as Cult of Mac picked up in the Australian Financial Review on the weekend the man who gave Steve Jobs a job at Atari Nolan Bushnell feels Apple has a “dreadful problem”. What you might ask? Well it seems Bushnell feels that the old ‘innovators bonus’, what some might call the halo effect, now last about half of its previous 8 years. The bonus in his view allows you to charge premium for your product. So he thinks that Apple is nearing the end of that time and needs to continue with some more innovation to keep the bonus.

    Reports around the new this morning suggest that Apple has released the latest beta of iOS 8.2 to devleopers. This takes the beta count to 5.

    Following on from the collapse late last year of the proposed sapphire screen supplier for the iPhone, Bloomberg reports that Apple has announced that it is investing US$2 billion in the former partners plant in Arizona. The plant will become the global central command for its various data centres around the world.

    We have started to see some Apple Watch apps surface in the wild. The latest is the Todoist app, which as you might expect from the name is a to do list app. Macrumors has been given some screenshots and a short video of the app in action.

    The first pictures have emerged of Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs during the filming of the Steve Jobs biopic. Whilst the pics are around everywhere we will go with Cult of Mac, who make the call he doesn’t really look all that much like him.

    So we will call it a day there for today and see you all again tomorrow morning.

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