• Friday Morning News

    With it being back to school time here in Australia and New Zealand, Apple has once again rolled out a back to school promotion. This year qualifying purchases will receive an Apple Store gift card, rather than the iTunes card used last year.

    Also on the Australian news front, Goodbye pointed out in yesterdays Morning News post that the latest Apple TV update added Ten Play to the channel listings in Australia.

    We saw some impressive sales numbers for the iPhone at Apples Q1 2015 results announcement the other day. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, via 9to5Mac, CEO Tim Cook stated that only 15% of the sales were from customers upgrading their iPhone. That means that 85% are switchers, and Cook stated that the majority were from Android, and therefore he doesn’t believe the sales surge is a one off and the potential is there for continued growth in subsequent quarters.

    That staggering growth has also thrown the spotlight on Samsung. In its latest results it noted that its phone shipments were 95 Million. Of that Re/code informs us that the South Korean giant says around the high 70% were high-end phones. That it seems means that Apple and Samsung are now tied in the smartphone space.

    Support that argument is the latest research from Strategy Analyytics, which finds that both Apple and Samsung sold 74.5 million smartphones in the December quarter. As Macrumors note, the number for Apple is from their result but the Samsung number is an estimate as they only report shipments not sales.

    Cult of Mac meanwhile has been digging into the Apple numbers via its 10-Q quartlerly filing and picked up that in glow of the numbers announced the other day, iTunes was an area where there was not a lot of good news. According to the filing iTunes saws revenue drop 7% year on year, continuing the downward trend. In the filing Apple stated “iTunes generated a total of $2.6 billion in net sales during the first quarter of 2015 compared to $2.4 billion during the first quarter of 2014. Growth from iTunes was driven by increases in revenue from iOS app sales reflecting continued growth in the installed base of iOS devices, the expansion in third-party iOS apps available, and increased volume of in-app purchases; partially offset by a 7% year-over-year decrease in net sales of digital media consisting of music, movies, TV shows and books.”

    Multiple reports this morning suggest that there is an issue with iTunes Connect, causing developers unable to update or submit new apps. At the time of writing Apple has acknowledged the issue and taken iTunes Connect offline.

    So there you have the final Morning News for the week. Enjoy your weekend MacTalkers.

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