• Article: 2015 Apple Predictions

    Let's face it, Apple is a pretty secretive company. We might get a major leak from time to time, but even most ‘analysts’ and Apple experts have no more of an idea what Apple is going to do than you or I. With that in mind, I thought I would put together a bit of a timeline and prediction of what I think Apple will be doing over the next year.


    February - Apple Watch is released, iOS 8.2 comes out. iOS 8.3 seeded.

    April - iPad Centric event: iPad mini 4 released, 12 inch iPad Pro released, iPad Nano released and new smart covers and iOS 8.3 released.

    WWDC - New Apple TV and Software released, iOS 9 and OSX 10.11 announced. 12 Inch Retina MacBook introduced, slightly redesigned MacBook Pro non retina renamed MacBook.

    September - iOS 9 and OS 10.10 released. iPhone 6S + 6S Mini and upgraded 5C. iPod Nano and Shuffle refresh.

    October - New MacBook Pro Retinas released, New iMac released, iPad Air 3 released, new Mac mini

    So what are Apple going to actually introduce? Here are my predictions:


    Apple’s 2015 iPad strategy will be to fix the issues with its current lineup (Namely the iPad Mini 3), while also continuing to add evolutionary improvements. Alongside the two existing iPads, two new iPads will also be introduced. Also for the first time in a while iOS will also add new iPad specific features.

    - The iPad mini 4 will be slimmer with an A8X processor(similar to the iPad 4 remedy). This will be sold alongside the mini 2 with the mini 1 and 3 being discontinued. This is to address disappointment at the current iPad Mini, and to differentiate it to the 2nd gen, while also reducing confusion with 3 different iPad Minis.

    - The iPad Air 3 will feature the A9. iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 will focus on adding functionality to the iPad, with split screen multitasking, more gestures and interface changes, to make the best of the large iPad screen. The iPad Air 3 use have the A9X processor, a Retina Plus display and a better battery.

    - The iPad + will have a 12 inch screen and will be targeted towards prosumers and will launch with Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro for iPad. It will also launch with iOS 8.3. The iPad + will have the A9X processor with a retina + display and 4GB Ram.

    - The iPad Nano will be the rebadged iPod Touch, with 3G, A7/A8 in 16,64,128 GBs.


    2015 will be the S year for the iPhone 6. This means that more than likely changes will be under the hood rather than design wise.

    - The 6S will come in 2 sizes. 4.7 and 5.5 inches. The 4.7 and 5.5 inch phones will have the Apple A9 processor, 2GB ram and will both have better screens and better cameras plus better battery technology.

    - The 6 Mini will be the mid range iPhone. It will be a 4 inch phone will have the A8X, a standard retina display, better cameras and better battery technology.

    - The 6C will be 5S in Plastic. This is to differentiate between the different models and to keep a colourful phone in the lineup.

    6S (4.7, 5.5) - Premium tier model
    6 Mini (4 Inches) - Mid tier model
    6C (4 inches) - Bottom tier model


    2015 will be a big year for Apple’s laptop line. The Macbook Air range will see a completely redeisgned model, the Macbook Pro range will see performance and battery life improvements as well as a small redesign and the Macbook (Not air or pro) moniker will return.

    MacBook Pro

    The retina MacBook pros will get a redesign, Broadwell and upgraded RAM/Processors

    MacBook Air

    MacBook Air retina will be a 12 inch extremely thin and fan less design laptop, with a retina display
    The MacBook Air will be the current design with upgraded internals (Broadwell, 8 GB ram standard)


    The non retina MacBook will get Haswell and fusion drive standard and will be renamed 'MacBook'.

    Desktop Macs:

    Most changes to the desktop Macs in 2015 will be under the hood with no design changes.


    Retina 21.5 inch model, hybrid drives standard on all models, Broadwell, more standard ram, better GPUS.

    Mac mini

    Broadwell, more standard ram and standard hybrid drives.


    The iPod range will be reduced to the Nano and the Shuffle which will both receive minor improvements, with the iPod Touch being absorbed into the iPad brand.

    iPod Nano:

    Larger capacities, software update.

    iPod Shuffle:

    - 4GB capacity.



    - iOS 8.2 will launch in late February with better performance and support for the Apple Watch.

    - iOS 8.3 will launch in April alongside the iPad pro with split screen multitasking and more stability enhancements.

    iOS 9 will focus upon better performance across all devices. All iOS 8 devices will get iOS 9 due to the continued availability of two A5 devices (Touch 5 and Mini 1) well into 2015 and high usage of iPad 2, mini 1 and 4S.

    Some new features of iOS 9:
    Music features: Up next, airplay to multiple speakers, better audio quality, slight app redesign to look like the remote app.
    Maps: Improvements to back end, transit directions and Indoor Maps
    iCloud Drive: Download to iCloud Drive, iCloud Drive App, attach and download from mail to iCloud Drive.
    Performance and battery life gains.
    Preview App for PDF management.
    Siri API for developers.
    The design language will be tweaked.
    iOS 9 for iPad will make better use of the large amount of the iPad’s screen real estate.
    Handoff Workbags (Explained later on).


    OSX 10.11 will launch and focus on stability and speed improvements.
    - Some new features:
    Maps improvements to iOS 9 will carry over
    Siri will be added to the Mac
    The Finder will be redesigned
    Handoff Workbags: Handoff will be able to transfer more a whole workplace between devices so music, mail, messages, safari, documents and anything else open will be able to transfer into the multitasking menu in iOS, and vice versa between iOS devices and the Mac.
    Further tweaking of the interface design.

    So I hope you found some of these predictions interesting, so comment if you agree or disagree and share your own thoughts and predictions for 2015!!
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