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    I hope you all had a great Australia Day long weekend MacTalkers?

    With the Monday off it is a bumper news morning this Tuesday.

    We kick off with what are purported to be the first pictures of the 12-inch MacBook Air lid and display. We picked them up at 9to5Mac but they originated at iFanr. An area that caught 9to5Mac’s eye was the logo and the fact that it does not seem to match the current logo on the MacBook range. However as they note, there had been some talk last year that Apple may be changing the logo to match the rest of the Apple range.

    They were also carrying a report that Apple has made another hire seemingly related to the Apple Watch. This time a Vice President of Digital and Interactive Design at Burburry appears to have been picked up. 9to5Mac have noted that the Linked in profile for Chester Chipperfield confirmed the move to Apple and there was also a tweet confirming the move.

    Speaking of the Apple Watch and its launch, there is more reports suggesting a March launch. This time Macrumors brings us up to date with the latest KGI analyst report from Ming Chi Kuo, which is also predicting a March launch for the Watch. He goes even further suggesting that the new 12-inch MacBook Air would also be launched during this quarter. This follow earlier reports from 9to5Mac of a March launch.

    Whilst we are still waiting for the official numbers from Apple in their earnings call tomorrow, a slew of numbers has been rolling in suggesting the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been a huge success for Apple. Macrumors has trawled the latest numbers come from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners which suggest that half of all phone activations in the US last quarter were iPhones. It needs to be added that the survey was a very small 500 people, so there is room for a fair bit of scepticism on them.

    It seems that Apple products in China may undergo security inspections by Chinese Officials. iMore picked up reports from the Bejing News that suggest Tim Cook agreed to the inspections in a meeting with Lu Wei the head of China’s Internet regulator.

    We might see OS X 10.10.2 this week according to 9to5Mac. The main features expected when it goes public, having been through a few iterations with developers, is the addition of iCloud Drive in Time Machine, Wi-Fi security and VoiceOver fixes. iMore is reporting meanwhile that it will also address the sol called “Thunderstrike” hardware exploit.

    An interesting interview with former Motorola chief Dennis Woodside in the Telegraph has revealed that Google had intended to have a finger print scanner on the Nexus 6. In fact the little bump is right there on the back where it was going to be. What happened? According to Woodside, Apple purchased Authentec, who were the best biometric sensor maker in the business. “The secret behind that is that it was supposed to be fingerprint recognition, and Apple bought the best supplier,” Woodside told the Telegraph “So the second best supplier was the only one available to everyone else in the industry and they weren’t there yet.”

    So that is the end to the bumper news right there, plenty to think about while we await the Apple earnings call tomorrow.

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