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    Logo, Apple Store Sydney by Dale Gillard, on Flickr

    One big mystery about the Apple Watch is the expected battery life. Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac is reporting that sources are now indicating the target battery life levels Apple is seeking. One of the issues they face is that the sources indicate the processer and high quality screen are both heavy power users. As a result it seems they are looking for around 2.5 to 4 hours for active application use and around 3-4 days for standby and sleep mode. Active and passive has a target of around 19 hours.

    If you are sitting around waiting for the Apple Watch to launch and idly wondering what will I do with my watch when I get it, then you should add play games to the list of ideas. Macrumors reports that game developer NimbleBit has been working away on games for the watch and have their first offering Letterpad. It looks like a fairly simple game but on a screen that size you have to think it would be hard for a game to be complex.

    There has been a lot written about net neutrality and in a twist on the arguments being put forward, Blackberry CEO John Chen thinks there should also be “application/content neutrality”. Macrumors reports on a blog post Chen posted where he argues the points and calls out iMessage as an example of an app that Apple should be forced to offer on rival platforms. As you might expect quite a few developers have been quick to jump in and argue against that.

    A recent patent filing by Apple indicates they may be exploring ways to add more ability to control your devices than just the screen and keyboard. The application for a a patent for a “Configurable Input device” indicates that Apple is considering, among other things in the application, adding sensor regions to iPads to allow user control on the back of the device.

    Based on CES we are going to be seeing a lot about HomeKit this year. Of course like most tech things the issue quickly comes up about HomeKit will work with other systems, as it is unlikely most people will only have Apple controlled devices in their house. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has now provided more information about compatibility with rival platforms via the HomeKit bridge.. At a high level devices connecting over wi-fi will not be allowed. So Nest as an example would need to go down the MFi route according to 9to5Mac.

    A tip of the hat to Cult of Mac, who reminded us that it was 31 years ago today (US time) that Apple showed its famous first Macintosh ad during the Super Bowl. You can enjoy the ad, that many say launched the Super Bowl ad craze below.

    That wraps up the news this week, see most of you tomorrow in the AppleSauce e-mail.

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