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    The revamp of the Beats Music service seems to have gotten a step closer with a report from the Guardian that Apple has acquired the company behind Mucismetric. The report suggest that the acquisition of Semetric is likely to form part of the relaunch of the Beats Music service.

    There have been lots of statistics floating around to show that 2014 was not a great year for Samsung in its battle against Apple in the Smartphone market. The latest is one that will likely really catch the attention of the South Korean giant. 9to5Mac report that according to data from Counterpoint Apple more than doubled its share of the South Korean market, jumping from 15% to 33% in the final quarter of 2014. What is even more remarkable about that number is that it is the first time a foreign company has ever had more than 20% share. Samsung meanwhile saw its market share drop from 60% to 46%. Clearly the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been a massive hit in Korea on those numbers.

    Apple faces a possible new court battle with a patent holding company called TriDim filing a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The claim concerns two 3D workstation the company owns and which it claims Apple infringes in TImeMachine, Cover Flow and Safari for iOS 7 and 8.

    We have heard plenty of people complain about the smallest storage on the iPhone and iPad being just 16GB. Some latest stats suggest that may be becoming an issue for Apple. Cult of Mac have picked up the report from the British carrier O2, which indicates that iPhone users with just 16GB of space are running out of space at least once every month.

    Seems the take up rate for iOS 8 is slowing, with the latest statistics posted by Apple showing it increased by 1% to 69% adoption rate across iOS devices. A quite large 28% of devices are still running iOS 7.

    Microsoft held a big Windows 10 event overnight, and in a play straight from the Apple playbook confirmed it will be giving the OS away free for upgrading users from Windows 7 and 8.1. The Verge was there to cover all the details, including an 84-inch surface hub and Windows Holographic and HoloLens set.

    Enjoy your Thursday people and see you all again tomorrow.

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