• Wednesday Morning News

    Photo: Apple.com

    Apple is it seems looking to build excitement ahead of the upcoming store opening in Hangzhou, China this Saturday. Ahead of the opening the entire front of the store has been covered by a massive mural of a 2,000 year old poem that celebrates the importance of the city. The mural is hand painted by Wang Dongling. You can watch a video of its creation over at Apple’s China Retail site.

    Cult of Mac report that Apple is again reminding developers that after 1 February all apps submitted to the App Store need to be 64-bit compatible. In addition after that date they must be compatible with iOS 8.

    The patents keep rolling in with Apple this time being granted a patent for an advanced gaze-tracking user interface. As Apple insider notes, that could be used on Macs and the iOS device range. Despite being granted the patent it does seem there is a long way to go before we would see such a system in use.

    On the back of the reports that Apple might be about to add 2GB of faster ram to the next iPhone, Rene Ritchie at iMore has taken a look at what that mean and what Apple might do with that 2GB.

    A report doing the rounds today is focuses on Apple’s lobbying efforts in Washington, which have lifted under Tim Cook. They come on the back of a Bloomberg Business report on the subject following a trip by Cook to the U.S. Capital.

    So as you can see still a little slow on the news front so that is all we have for this Wednesday.

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