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    Apple likes to make a big deal about how much it has paid out to App developers under the iOS App store. It is however hard to find out what that means for most developers, with many believing a large portion of the payments is going to a select small group of developers.

    Some light is being shed on the situation by a group of developers who have decided to share their earnings and sales data. 9to5Mac have trawled through their numbers for some insights and one thing that leaps out is how an App is most popular when it launches. So as the developers of Unread note, donít discount your App at launch as you will never have bigger sales or be able to charge a higher price later. Certainly some interesting insights from the data if you were thinking of making your millions from your App idea.

    To help celebrate Martin Luther King day, Apple has updated its US homepage with a full page memorial to the civil rights leader. Macrumors also report that Tim Cook tweeted s link to the updated home page.

    Clearly some people canít wait to get their hands on the Apple Watch. How do we know this? Because according to Cult of Mac, fake Apple Watches are starting to sell on eBay. A listing of what was purported to be a prototype, claimed to have been obtained from the sellers brother who works at Apple, has sold for US$260. As they note there were a lot of fake Apple Watches floating around CES so this is not likely to be the last one we see on eBay.

    That my friends is all the news for today with the US celebrating Martin Luther King day. Have a great one.

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