• Friday Morning News

    Logo, Apple Store Sydney by Dale Gillard, on Flickr

    The rumours for the iPhone 6s are starting to pick up with Macrumors claiming that the expected next iPhone may have 2GB of faster RAM and ‘Force Touch” technology. The claim originates from TechNews Taiwan. Another reported advantage of the LPDDR4 RAM is that it offers lower power consumption along with the increased performance. The report also suggest that “Force Touch” technology may be included similar to the Apple Watch.

    With the roll out of iOS 8 Apple preinstalled iBooks in a move that really didn’t grab that much attention at the time. 9to5Mac report that speaking at the Digital Book World Conference Apple iBooks store Director Keith Moerer provided some update on iBooks and in particular the fact that since preinstalling the app, they are now adding about 1 million new iBooks users a week. He also noted that family sharing was helping to lift sales. The next challenge he noted was turning them into paying customers.

    From time to time interesting Apple patents pop up and this time Patently Apple have picked up an application from Apple for a home button that doubles as a gaming joystick. The Application was published yesterday by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Now of course an application and us ever seeing the pop-up button on a device are two very different things, but it is an interesting concept and hopefully it does make it onto a device at some point.

    In passing reports around this morning suggest that the so called iPodFather Tony Fadell is taking over Google Glass. So Google don’t appear to be giving up on it just yet.

    We close the Friday news by noting that Apple have rolled out a new OS X beta to developers for OS X 10.10.2. As with the update last week wi-fi, mail and VoiceOver are areas would like them to focus on.

    So with that enjoy your weekend people and see you in the AppleSauce e-mail tomorrow.

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