• Tuesday Morning News

    Apple has pushed out a new beta of iOS 8.2 to developers and according to 9to5Mac it now contains a reference to an Apple Watch App. A panel inside the Bluetooth menu now makes reference to the Apple Watch and the need to use the Apple Watch App to pair the devices.

    Meanwhile Cult of Mac reports that site analytics is beginning to show up iOS 9, suggesting that Apple is beginning to test the next version of iOS internally. Seems after reports elsewhere a dig into their own site stats revealed the presence of iOS 9 visiting their site as well

    For many of us the old adage that the best camera is the one you have with you means the iPhone is increasingly our camera of choice. If you are thinking to yourself, yep that’s me then it seems you are not alone. New statistics released by Flickr, and covered by Macrumors, show that with 9.6% of photo uploads in 2014 Apple moved into the number 2 spot for the camera brand most used on the photo sharing site. That means it edged out Nikon (9.3%) who slipped to number 3 with Canon remaining in number 1 spot by some margin with 13.4%.

    As to individual mobile devices, Apple held the first four spots in the rankings with the iPhone 5 leading the way with 10.6% of photo uploads. Whilst released late in the year the iPhone 6 quickly grabbed a 1% share of uploads. The Samsung Galaxy S3 (1.2%) at number 5 led the non Apple mobile charge.

    Despite the iPhone being officially sold in China, it seems the blackmarket for the iPhone 6 still exists. TUAW are reporting that officials in the Chinese port of Futian Port have detained a man who on closer inspection had 94 iPhones strapped to his body. Seems the guy couldn’t walk right and appeared to be in some distress, attracting the attention of the officials.

    Apple has now split the App store for children up into specific age groups rather than the previous “Games for Kids” section. Ages are split into “kids ages 5 and under”, “kids 6-8” and “kids 9-11”. Should make finding that special app so much easier.

    In the small look I took at CES last week I noted that there was a big focus on HomeKit and connected devices. If you are into that and haven’t been able to keep up with all the devices shown off at the show, head on over to Macworld where they have a HomeKit at CES summary.

    That is all on this rather quiet news day, see you all tomorrow.

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