• Monday Morning News

    We still don’t know when Apple Pay will be launched in Australia or even if it will, however 9to5Mac are reporting that sources tell them a launch in Canada is possible by March. Previous job postings by Apple have hinted at overseas expansion, however no time frame has been given for any international market.

    Apple may have a security issue on its hands following reports out of Germany that indicate there may be a glitch in spotlight that may expose IP Addresses and other system details to spammers. Macrumors note that the initial report has since been replicated by IDG News Service. The issue arises when you conduct a spotlight search of mail, which then ignores a setting, most users use, to not download remote content. This means spotlight downloads information spammers use and which you would otherwise not have downloaded. It seems you can block Spotlight from searching mail as a short term solutions.

    Despite their impressive sales numbers, Apple still feels that Corporate Sales are an area where they would be doing better. With that in mind Re/code are carrying a report that they have hired 20-year HP veteran John Soloman to run sales to large corporations.

    There is one less legal case on Apple’s plate after a district court Judge dismissed a suit alleging that Apple sold Macbooks with logic boards it knew would fail after two years. 9to5Mac reports that in dismissing the case the Judge found that the plaintiffs had failed to show that Apple knew the boards were faulty.

    We might be about to see a iOS 8.1.3 update this week following reports from Macrumors. They indicate that sources tell them that the update has now been rolled out to select retail employees and might be released to users as early as this week. It seems most of the update is under the hood fixes.

    If you love your iPod shuffle then you can breathe a sigh of release. Following recent shortages of the device there were fears it may be about to join the iPod Cliassic on the scrap heap. However Macrumors is now reporting that the shortages are due to supplier changes and not any plan to retire the device.

    That wraps the Monday Morning news, so enjoy the start of your week MacTalkers.

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