• Tuesday Morning News

    Apple’s latest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, are doing very well on Samsung’s home turf according to reports, with the new models outrunning the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The iPhone pre-orders are estimated at over 100,000 in South Korea, while the Galaxy Note 4 falls short at 30,000 units, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

    The move is significant for Apple, as the company has only a six percent market share in the country, sizeably behind the Samsung figure of 63 percent.

    Apple’s other major iOS product lineup, updated in October with the launch of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, has been put to the test by DisplayMate Technologies and the results are mixed. The findings say the new antireflective coating on the iPad Air 2 is an improvement over previous models and competing tablets, but the device’s performance still lags behind. In fact, the report says the new iPad Air 2 is eight percent lower in brightness and 16 percent poorer in display power efficiency than the original iPad Air.

    In a shock to no one, the iPad mini 3’s display is the same as its predecessor, DisplayMate says, with Apple choosing to add Touch ID and a gold option in the update.

    There have also been a couple of product updates overnight, with the fitness brand Fitbit unveiling a Surge smartwatch set to go on sale in 2015 and two fitness bands, the Fitbit Charge and Charge HR.

    Following Pioneer’s lead into CarPlay, Alpine has announced the iLX-007, a 7in aftermarket in-car entertainment solution capable of running Apple’s new hands-free system. The new Alpine solution is currently on sale in North America with Australian prices and release dates yet to be announced.

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