• Monday Morning News

    I am sure we are all coming down from our iPhone 6 launch high and many of you are in fact the proud owners of your shiny new gadget.

    However the news in the Apple world never stops and so it is on with the Monday Morning News.

    First up, as with any new device the team over at iFixit have torn it apart, you can see what is inside your new toy in the video below. A intersting discovery reported by the iFixIt team was that according to Chipworks the A8 Chip is made by TMSC and not Samsung.


    If you were one of the lucky ones to grab a new iPhone 6, it is likely you purchased just the iPhone 6 rather than the iPhone 6 Plus. How do we know this, because as TechCrunch reports data from MixPanel indicates the iPhone 6 is doing quite a bit better. MixPanel has its SDK in many popular Apps, so they can in real time monitor which phone is being used. Their data indicates (it was fairly early) that the iPhone 6 held quite a big lead.

    Also in launch day news was Tim Cook attending the Palo Alto store to greet customers waiting in line for the new phones. Apart from talking to the Apple faithful Cook also posed for selfies and Twitter was quickly sporting many images of Apple fanboys and fangirls with the Boss. You can view a selection of them over at Cult of Mac, who tell us these were the best pics with Cook.

    Before we leave the iPhone 6 behind, a word to the wise to watch out on ebay if you are thinking of grabbing your iPhone 6 there due to stock shortages. Engadget are reporting that the BBC has picked up an eBay phishing scam around the new phones were unsuspecting ebayers are redirected to a fake eBay log in page. Of course as you would expect eBay say they are onto this and trying to remove any listing that use cross-scripting. However given it is highly likely they wont get to all of them, keep your wits about you and maybe it is best to just wait for stock levels to come back through the normal channels.

    In the lead up to the roll out of iOS 8, we noted that you should not upgrade to iCloud Drive as it required Yosemite to work well. Fair enough we all thought, well in a surprising move Apple have rolled iCloud out to Windows users! Yes you read that right our Windows brothers and sisters are now playing with iCloud on their PC's.

    When you roll something like iOS 8 into the wild you expect issues, no matter how wide spread the beta process has been. With that in mind TUAW report that Apple has a war room monitoring social media to pick up ioS 8 issues. Interestingly Apple are also said to have a similar team set up during the launch of the iPhone 6 to spot issues and hopefully get them resolved.

    It almost wouldn’t be a news day without a patent dispute story. This time Cult of Mac tells us that a New York based company Secure Web Conference Corporation has launched a case against Apple. Secure Web Conference Corporation is claiming that FaceTime and the hardware it runs on is infringing their Patent. As yet no comment from Apple no judge has yet been assigned to the case.

    So I have taken up enough of your time this morning, go on get back to playing with your new iPhone and we will see you again tomorrow.

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