• iPhone 6 Day News

    iPhone Line 6 Doncaster, day before by Shaun Garrity, on Flickr

    I am just going to pretend you are not all in lines for iPhones or madly waiting for the courier, and do a normal daily news. It seems from early reports lines are moving well, stocks are dwindling fast and couriers are being run off their feet.

    If you thought you were getting some time off after updating to iOS 8 yesterday you are wrong. Apple has released the latest Mavericks 10.9.5 update and an updated version of Safari 7.1. So if you havenít all ready, fire up the App store and get on downloading.

    In his recent interviews Tim Cook has spoken quite a bit about privacy. To back that up he has also released a letter on the Apple website about Appleís commitment to privacy. It largely expands on the point that Apple does not make money of your information and therefore doesnít need to sell it. As he said to Charlie Rose, it often pays to follow the money to figure out where a companyís interest may be on privacy. You can also follow handy links from the page to information on how privacy is built into Apple products, how Apple manages your privacy and Government information requests.

    How good is that new iPhone 6 you are playing with today? Well so good that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is throwing away all his Andriod devices. Donít believe me, well the take a look for yourself as Woz talks to TMZ about the new phone.

    Whilst Woz and all of us are excited to be getting iPhone 6ís today, well I am not actually, that is not the case in China. However it seems a launch day in China is getting closer with 9to5Mac citing a Reuters report that Apple now has one of the two licences it needs to sell the phones in China. There is no word on when the second licence may be granted.

    It seems Apple and U2 are not finished working together, with Time Magazine reporting in an exclusive interview with Bono that the band and Apple are working on a new digital music format. The idea behind the format is to get people back buying music again rather than pirating, streaming or watching it on YouTube. Time was also traveling with the band during the recent controversy over the Songs of Innocence roll out. There are some interesting views expressed, whilst that drama unfolded.

    Ok so lets not pretend anymore that you want to do anything but play with your new toy. So off you go and I will see you all in the MacTalk weekly wrap newsletter tomorrow.

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