• Tuesday Morning News

    Did you mange to get an opening day iPhone 6 order in? Well congratulations, you are one of over 4 million pre-orders on the first day according to an Apple press release. Apple says that the pre-orders in excess of 4 million units are a record for the iPhone and exceeded the pre-order supply levels. As a result some phones will be delivered in October. Apple did however make the point in the press release that stock would available to walk in customers when the units go on sale Friday.

    In case you are interested in the press release Apple also updated its company description to capture its new products. The new description is;

    “Apple reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, defined the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad and has announced Apple Watch, its most personal device ever. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, continues the rapid pace of innovation of mobile software with iOS and integrated services including Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world with OS X, and free iOS and OS X apps like iWork and iMovie.”

    If you ordered the 64GB or 128GB size phone, you might be in for a little surprise with 9to5Mac reporting that the phones will come pre-loaded with iLife and iWork app suites. Suppose that is ok but after the recent U2, we will be coming back to them shortly, download furor not sure everyone will be happy with them being installed.

    Speaking of U2, if you are one of the people up in arms at the supposed invasion of privacy of Apple putting U2 into your playlist rejoice. Apple has now launched a page with instructions on how to remove the offending Album. That will teach Apple to give people something for nothing!

    Are you taking part on the Yosemite Developer and Public beta? Well then go and fire up the App store, the new bata 8 for developers and beta 3 for the public are ready for download. Of course once you have done that and played with them, let us know what you think in the developer thread and over here in the public beta discussion.

    With the iPhone 6 pre-oders out of the way attention has been turning to the other big announcement by Apple last week, Apple Pay. PayPal for one are not sitting back waiting for it to roll out, as 9to5Mac tell us they have launched an ad in the New York Times, linking the recent celebrity photo leaks with Apple Pay. Of course the two are not really linked, Apple Pay stores data on the device not the cloud, at all but PayPal are clearly trying to make sure that it what is people think.

    9to5Mac also tell us that Apple has joined the secure chip standards and NFC group GlobalPlatform, ahead of Apple Pay being released in the wild. Yeah take that PayPal.

    A lot has been written about the Apple Watch but Wired have asked an interesting question “Is Apple Watch’s pressure-sensivitive screen a bigger deal than the gadget itself?” As they note if the display proves successful on the Apple Watch it will represent a major step forward for touch computing. They give some interesting examples of how the technology could be used on bigger screens and how it could see mobile devices move even closer to replacing desktops. All in all an interesting piece and something to watch out (see what I did there) for when the Apple Watch is in our hot little hands.

    So that is the news for this chilly Tuesday morning, have a great day and see you all tomorrow.

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