• Monday Morning News

    With iPhone 6 pre-orders out of the way, what is an Apple fanboy or fangirl to do this week?

    My suggestion is set a hour aside and watch the first half of the Tim Cook interview with Charlie Rose. You can watch it below, or if the embed is giving you some trouble over here at Hulu.com. It will flash a message that the video is only viewable in America but, it will in fact just start playing as it is not geo blocked.

    In the interview Cook talks about Steve Jobs, the Beats acquisition, says TV is still an area of interest and perhaps most interestingly, said they are working on products that have not been rumored about yet.

    The second part of the Interview will air in America tonight and should be up online later in the week also.

    In an echo of the famous Apple letter welcoming IBM to the PC industry, the CEO of Guess has welcomed Apple to the watch business. According to Re/code not all watch executives were so nice, with several dismissing the Apple Watch.

    Of course Apple also announced Apple Pay last week, and whilst maybe not as exciting as the new iPhones and Apple Watch it is still big news. According to a report in the Financial Times, picked up by 9to5Mac from behind the paywall, Apple will earn 0.15% of each Apple Pay transaction. That could very quickly add up to some very big numbers for Apple, particularly as the service is rolled out world wide over time.

    So enough with the iDevice stuff, what about computers I hear you cry. Well we have some interesting tid bits on that side of the business as well.

    Hanging out for the big Retina screen for your desk? According to Cult of Mac the wait may be nearly over with 27-inch Retina iMacs due to launch this year.

    They are also reporting that the next generation of MacBook Air, due to launch next year, will come in Space Gray and Gold to sit alongside the current aluminum model. This seems highly dubious and seriously do you really want to walk around carrying your Gold MacBook Air!

    For what it is worth Cult of Mac has also citied a Tech Cruch story that Apple looked at acquiring Square as part of its mobile payment solution. The report suggests Square knocked back the US$3 Billion offer. Square has since done a new round of funding that is said to have valued them at over US$6 Billion, so does seem to have made sense to have knocked back the offer.

    So that is todays news, enjoy your Monday and for those lucky enough to get the pre-orders in enjoy your wait till Friday.

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