• Friday Morning News

    It is iPhone 6 pre-order day and that is all most MacTalkers are thinking about today. Not your trusty MacTalk newshound though, I am still pounding the streets to bring you the lowdown on Apple news.

    Like me, some of you may have received an e-mail overnight from Apple regarding your iCloud storage. Apple has now begun the process of rolling out its new iCloud storage bands. In my case I jump from 15GB to 20GB and I even get a 0.40c refund! Whilst you are able to change your plan after the upgrade it seems you won’t be able to revert back to it once you change.

    With the iPhone and Apple Watch release out of the way, many are wondering what else Apple has up its sleeves in its self described “best pipeline in 25 years”. We may find out a little bit more when Apple VP Greg Joswiak takes the stage at the first annual Code/Mobile conference. As you might guess the conference is being run by the team over at Re/code.

    Pre-orders start today for the iPhone 6, it seems 5 p.m. for the east coast of Australia, for the initial launch countries. The second wave of launches will happen on 26 September with over 15 countries being added, including New Zealand.

    So how many iPhone 6’s is Apple expecting to sell? DigiTimes has cited supply chain sources in claiming Apple is aiming at 80 million by years end. That would according to 9to5Mac be 33% growth year-on-year.

    Backing up high expectations at Apple, is an interview picked up by TUAW, Tom Cook gave the Wall Street Journal. In it he says the iPhone 6 will trigger “the mother of all upgrades.” Apart from the bigger screens Cook said the phones are “appreciably better in every single way.”

    The chips inside the iPhone and many of its rivals are big business for Qualcomm, who have cemented themselves as the suppliers of choice to Apple. According to Cult of Mac Intel has it’s sights firmly set on that business. The President of Intel Korea, Lee Hee-sung has said it’s only a matter of time before Apple converts. This comes on the back of rumors that Apple and Intel have held talks. Watch this space it seems and if nothing else Apple can play them off to get the best deal from Qualcomm.

    So with that lets wrap up another week of MacTalk morning news and leave you all to ponder what iPhone you will be pre-ordering this afternoon. Once you decide let us know in the poll “which iPhone are you getting”

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