• Thursday Morning News

    The day after a big Apple Keynote is always a little bit a downer. We have over a week to wait for pre-orders of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and that Apple Watch is sometime away still.

    Not to fear though, there is still some news bouncing around out there on the Internet.

    Apple did actually release a new product in Australia yesterday. As had been hinted at Apple released AppleCare + into Australia. The AppleCare + allows you to extend AppleCare to cover broken screens on your iDevices, with them being replaced for a small fee depending on the AppleCare plan you have.

    You can check out what you get for your various devices from the new AppleCare page at the Australian Online Apple store.

    Also yesterday you should have received an updated iTunes 11.4 if you are running Mavericks. The update adds support for the upcoming iOS 8.

    ABC news in America has got some exclusive interviews on the back of the Apple keynote. They have spoken with both Tim Cook and Jony Ive about the new iPhones and Apple Watch. You can see interview over at Youtube here. In his part of the interview Jony talks about the ‘millions’ of combinations for the Apple Watch. There looked to be a lot of combinations but a million seems awfully big!

    Re/code reports that Apple executives are not happy with the current battery life of the Apple Watch and expect to see improvements by its launch. The report claims Apple is seeing about a days worth of battery life currently. An Apple spokesperson told Re/code whilst not providing specific information that “We anticipate people will charge nightly…”

    The New York Times meanwhile was interested in the lack of an “i” in the Apple Watch name, ending 16 years of Apple using the “i” prefix on products. Possible trademarks issues seem to be the biggest reason.

    The New York Times is also reporting that Apple is already facing delays in releasing the new IPhones 6’s in China. In part it appears to be due to the Phones not yet being approved by Chinese authorities.

    Well that is all for today, don’t forget to join the discussions about the new products over in the forums and let us know if you intend on buying them or why you won’t be handing over your money this time.

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