• Monday Morning News

    Macintosh Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro - Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz (17-inch) by Mac Users Guide, on Flickr

    It was the night before Christmas WWDC 2014 and certainly with expectations growing of some new hardware it feels a lot like Christmas.

    Before we get to WWDC however you will recall we told you about Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine being onstage chat at the code conference last week. Well the full video of the chat is now up at the Re/code site if you want to take a look at all they said.

    Meanwhile on the staffing front a few things changed at Apple last week. After 18 years it appears Katie Cotton finished up at Apple last week after the earlier announcement of her pending departure. according to Re/code. The article at Re/code by Kara Swisher is well worth a read and a great tribute to as Swisher says “perhaps one of the most powerful communications executives in tech”.

    At the same time 9to5Mac tells us that Apple confirmed via a SEC filing that Luca Maestri has officially succeeded Peter Oppenheimer as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Senior VP.

    At a time when many in tech are still talking smaller and lighter 9to5Mac ask is it time for the 17 inch MacBook Pro to return to Apples line up. As Ben Lovejoy tells us, he still loves that he updated just before it was discontinued and he suspects he is not alone in thinking Apple need to bring it back.

    Talking of bigger, Nick Bilton at the New York Times brings us up to speed on iPhone 6 rumours and that possibly bigger version. You might remember we linked to Bilton’s earlier article where he expressed a desire for a bigger iPhone after spending time with a HTC one. Seems he got very mixed feedback on that from Apple fans.

    Now into some small WWDC news. Banners have gone up and according to Rene Ritchie at iMore, they seem to suggest that the next version of OS X will be called Yosemite. Have to rely on local knowledge here as to me it just looks like any old cliff face.

    We have talked a lot about what we, as users want from WWDC, but after all it is a Developer conference so what do they want. Well look no further than this piece from Re/code which takes a look at just that question.

    Still I aint no coder so for a slighlty wider view check out this piece on what we might see from Engadget.

    Oh and don’t forget you can tell us what you want/expect over in the forums here including my rather lame thoughts!

    Lastly if you are lucky enough to be attending WWDC 2014, it seems you are US$25 better off. 9to5Mac reports that Apple is giving attendees a US$25 iTunes gift card to tie into the 25 years the conference has been running.

    So with that all out of the way it is onto the Keynote and what should be a bumper Tuesday Morning News tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Monday and keep that excitement in check Mactalkers.

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