• WWDC 2014 Wishlist: What we want to see

    So WWDC 2014 is on Tuesday morning at 3am AEST and Apple is expected to show off iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. There has been also rumours of a Healthbook app and a smart home system.

    But putting the rumours and educated guesses aside, what do we want to see at WWDC? What would Tim Cook have to unveil to make us happy?

    I would love to see a Retina MacBook Air, with the recent price drop I think it might be on the cards.

    I have put the question to a few of the MacTalk regulars and this is what they are craving:

    I don't really ever expect much out of WWDC. I am not really fussed on Software and just expect that a couple of hardware pieces would get a bump.

    iHealth and iHome (yeah I know the name is used) however might be much more interesting this year on the software side, particularly if developers get access to the API's. If they were unveiling them it might not surprise if they even have some hardware to show them off, possibly even from a chosen third party.

    My only other want, is that OS X and iOS continue to be seperate and the merging does not advance much further. I find the two platforms very different and the slow adaption of iOS into OS X is a concern. In my opinion this is why Windows 8.1 struggles. The desktop/laptop version is cumbersome as it is really designed for a mobile/tablet touch interface. Of course Surface 3 changes that slightly as it is a bit of both.

    Another addition I do want is screen splitting added to iOS, which the rumours suggest it might get. I have a Surface RT tablet and it is one feature of Windows 8 I really like over iOS.

    I'm kinda in the same boat here; also pretty satisfied with where Mac OS/X is at the moment. However regarding iOS 8... would be nice if they could finish off what they started with iOS 7 and make it more consistent. It's still all over the place IMHO.

    I'd be happy if there were some more UI centric features built into the OS so I don't have to use 3rd party tools.

    EG. Window Snapping, and something to manage the Menubar applets (like Bartender).


    In iOS I want a lot general stability refinements. I want better battery life and faster app speeds, even on existing hardware. I would like Control centre to have a 3G toggle. Split screen multitasking on the iPad would be nice as well. Selective backup of certain apps. Say I want to do a clean install but I want to save my messages, emails and one or two app data, but not everything. Guest account for iPad. Stop telling me that mobile data is turned off in an app, because i know it is turned off (At least give me an option to ignore after showing it the first time)

    I would like features carried over from iTunes 11 to the iOS music player - Such as up next, better playlist creation and a similar interface as the Mac version for the iPad (Like the album view etc). Airplay to move back into the music app like iOS6, and airplay to multiple speakers from iOS.

    Location aware disturb, and more controllable do not disturb. Quick Reply like on OSX. Also add Facebook + Twitter to notifications centre and proper weekly weather.

    Improved data public transport integration.

    Fix iMessage please.

    More reliable syncing, and iCloud 'work bags' like iCloud tabs, but sends clipboard, documents open, all tabs open, and music playing etc between Macs and iPads, and possibly iPhones.

    Third party integration - e.g. trip view, could integrate siri.

    Most of all.. for it to run on the iPad 2!!!!!

    So, what do others want?
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