• Friday Morning News

    Beats. by MirandaAnnn, on Flickr

    As you might expect we will be kicking off the morning news with some Apple/Beats stories as everyone digest the deal.

    First off the Wall Street types seemed to not like confirmation of the deal, at least that is according to 9to5Mac who kept a eye on their responses. Some were not happy Apple was buying a hardware business and others questioned the price, given the purported value of the last private investments. Anyway Apple stock is actually up again overnight (at the time of writing), so maybe no one cared what they thought.

    For it’s part the New York Times thinks the deal is as much about Jimmy Iovine and that his music background can help the company reinvent its music business.

    Meanwhile over at Macworld Jason Snell takes a look at what the deal means about the post Jobs Apple. He believes the deal shows this is not Jobs Apple and that is in fact what Jobs wanted he told Cook not to ask ‘what would Steve do”. For what its worth I very strongly agree with Snell on this and think this the new Apple and the very real first sign of it.

    As luck would have it Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue was on stage at the Code conference (you might know it as the old All Things D conference) yesterday and he was joined by Jimmy Iovine. Whilst their on stage discussion touched on a number of topics perhaps the most interesting were Cue’s view on the state of today’s TV, they suck it seems. Given Cue is a seasoned performer it might be safe to assume he didn’t hold forth on this topic for no reason and maybe a full Apple TV is in the works.

    Which leads to the other very interesting thing Cue told us about Apples upcoming product line up. As is usual for Apple he didn’t tell us what but he did tell us it was the best in 25 years. Now I know Apple executives can be known to go over the top but still that suggests there are some very exciting times coming up over the rest of the year.

    Whilst Iovine also covered a lot, there wouldn’t be many arguments with his claim that Apple earbuds are bad. Eddie Cue did counter that Apple makes the “we best headphones that come in in the box”, really all but agreeing with Iovine.

    So moving on from Beats, we still have WWDC next week and The Verge has made a handy list of the 13 things they expect from WWDC 2014.

    One thing many expect from WWDC is Apple in the home but 9to5Mac tells us they expect it be less of a hub and more of a made for iPhone type set up.

    To close us out this morning Molly Wood, by the way who misses the Molly rants from Buzz Out Loud days, over at the New York Times has written a piece on the flaws with Apples iMessage system. It is maybe the next best thing to a Molly rant and she certainly makes it clear she is no fan of the system.

    Well that wraps the news for the week so enjoy the weekend and just think, we may be only days away from some new shiny Apple toys!

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