• Tuesday morning news

    It may be the Memorial Day holiday in the states but there is no day off here at the Mactalk news desk, well my kitchen bench actually rather than a desk.

    Given the holiday not all the sites were up and running overnight, so a slightly shorter news but a it still includes a couple of interesting rumours.

    Kicking off the rumour mill is a report over at 9to5Mac of Apple possibly testing out ARM–based Mac variants. The report originates from the French site MacBidouille, if you want to test your French reading skills.

    Apart from the ARM chips it also makes mention of a Magic trackpad being built into the keyboard. I think for now that sits in the make of it what you will pile.

    Meanwhile The Verge brings us up to speed with the report from the Financial Times (Paywall) about Apple possibly working on Smart Home features for the iPhone and that they could be revealed at WWDC next week.

    Whilst light on for details about how this all might work from a software and hardware perspective, other than through it seems the iPhone, it also backs up earlier reports of the next iPhone carrying a NFC chip.

    Rejoice if you are in the market for a new iMac, as new ones may be on the way. Once again 9to5Mac bring us up to speed with shipping delays on the iMac range at Apple online. At no cost to you I have checked Apple Australia and shipping times have slipped to 3-5 days there also. Perhaps the new iMac will be unveiled at WWDC next week, which would fit into the shipping window. Of course as they note it may also be nothing and just some random supply chain thingy. No one finds supply chain delays interesting, well maybe Tim Cook, so I much prefer the new iMac angle.

    Lastly we finish with a story that should make most of us feel old, some of us other more than others. 9to5Mac, who clearly worked this holiday stateside, bring us the story and video of young kids being asked to use old computers including a Apple II. From not knowing how to switch it on to looking for the mouse, it shows how far computer have comes and for those of us old enough to remember the Mac II slightly nostalgic. Oh and how I miss those old floppy disks!

    Anyway that is your Tuesday morning news done and dusted so see you tomorrow and enjoy your day Mactalkers.

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