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    Greetings fellow Mactalkers and welcome to the Friday morning news.

    To kick things off this morning we start with the report at Re/code who tell us that Apple canít take a trick with iMessage at the moment.

    On the back of the recent reports of users switching to Android having issues, and a legal case launched over that problem, it seems now the situation was made worse by a recent server glitch. The glitch impacted one of the ways Apple was trying to fix the issue.

    However Apple has told Re/code, whilst not commenting on the legal actions, it is aware of the problem and the server issue. It also indicated that an upcoming software update will address the issue. In the meantime it recommends users having problems contact Apple care.

    Apple has recently updated Safari across a number of it OS X versions, going back to Lion, addressing critical flaws. However the Macworld team are wondering where the iOS update is.

    They believe it is likely that iOS is affected by some of the same issues as the problems were in WebKit, which both OSís use. If you want to know more about what was targeted in the update you can check out the security advisory at Apple.

    Apple is rightly praised about itís designs and as a result much is written about itís design process. However since insiders donít talk much that is written is speculation or based on little real inside information.

    Well this morning we are in luck as there are two informative pieces on Apple design and both come from people who worked at Apple, one recent and one back in the first Steve Jobs era.

    The first article, and the more recent comes from Fast Company and is very interesting reading.

    It is a interview with a former Apple User Experience Evangelist Mark Kawano, who sets out to dispel 4 myths about the company and itís design process. They are pretty hard to distill into a paragraph, so sorry guys and girls this is one you need to read for yourself to do them justice.

    While at Fast Company we were led to this gem of a piece at Appleinsider about the first Apple ďsmart watchĒ.

    Now donít think you just failed a Mac fanboy test if you didnít know about this. It dates back to the 80ís and was never released. It has come to light in a new book by legendary designer Hartmut Esslinger about the early Apple design years.

    Esslinger was at Apple back in the first Jobs era and left with him to go to NeXT but didnít come back when Jobs returned.

    Along with the pic of the smart watch there is also an interesting folding computer workstation-in-a box concept shown in the article.

    Before we go you have to love this thread over in the forums about Siri and the current Australian PM. I also get no answer and a list that oddly doesn't include the current Prime Minister.

    Anyway that wraps up the news for this week, have a great weekend and see you all again on Monday morning.

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