• A note to MacTalk members

    Firstly, we wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to post recently about suggestions for MacTalk. While some of it has been hard to hear, itís been a necessary process where we get to read the good and bad. Itís also been really heartening to see all the people who want to contribute and add to what is a really passionate community.

    MacTalk is really is an amazing resource, which has helped thousands of people sort through many technical issues. Itís also a place where people can discuss what they would like to see, what they dislike and get updates as to what is going on in the industry. Itís a real community.

    What we have found the most difficult is trying to balance the commercial imperative with the need to provide a good experience for everyone who comes to the site. Itís a tightrope. I think we can easily admit there are areas where we can improve and we are working on that.

    Over the next few weeks we will have a lot more content coming onto the site and we are working out ways in which to recognise membersí efforts for this. In terms of a commercial return for the investment the business has made and continues to make on a monthly basis, we are also working on a few projects with the explicit aim of benefiting both Niche and the members of the site.

    To be honest there arenít any magic bullets and with display ads returning reduced revenue and people being able to implement ad blockers, they are becoming less worthwhile. One of the initiatives we have commenced is mResell over on Macworld, which is a global partnership where we facilitate Apple products being bought and sold. If you have looked at the website, itís a pretty good set up. We of course recognise that there is a trading area on the forum, but mResell is also a great option.

    We are also investigating other product and service deals we can get to you. It seems logical that if we can genuinely provide you with brilliant deals on things that you are interested in, then itís a good outcome. What do you think?

    So there is plenty of activity. But to put this into context we are a small publishing business that is trying to figure out a way to thrive in a rapidly changing world for our industry. Itís both exciting and daunting. I am the only staff member who works full-time across both MacTalk and Macworld, so itís definitely a busy time ensuring there is a good experience for both areas. There are other people in the office of course, and they chip in when they have free time away from their focus areas, but I just wanted to point out that we are a small business that wants to provide an informative and welcoming place for people to congregate around speciality areas they are passionate about. Hence why we are called Niche.

    In summary, thanks again for all your engagement and we hope to be able to use the last few weeks and months as a real catalyst for better times on MacTalk.

    Feel free to respond to this post, in any manner you wish, as all the feedback has been really useful.

    Jonathan and the Niche team.
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