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    Samsung is unhappy with the decision by a Californian jury to award Apple US$119 million in damages; Apple’s latest retail chief receives US$68 million in Apple shares and Google announces a Maps update.

    Challenging the decision
    The decision to grant Apple’s US$119 million in damages has been appealed by Samsung. The Korean giant will ask Judge Lucy Koh to strike the damages, according to Bloomberg, claiming the jury verdict was “unsupported by evidence”. If Koh does not reduce the damages, Samsung will appeal.

    The foreman of the jury, Thomas Dunham spoke after the trial and said the decision was “fair and just”, Re/code reports.

    “It’s the collection of everything we were exposed to as evidence in the case,” Dunham said.

    The US District Court jury came to a decision over the weekend, that both Apple and Samsung were guilty of using patents without consent. Samsung was found infringing three patents to do with data detectors, the ‘slide to unlock’ gesture and auto correct suggestions.

    Apple was also found guilty regarding a patent found on a number of iOS devices, that aids video streaming in FaceTime and video calls.

    Big welcome cheque
    In another little development, Apple’s new retail head Angela Ahrendts has received a sizeable gift upon her arrival. The former Burberry CEO was given 113,334 Apple shares, a SEC filing states, which, at US$600 a share, equates to around US$68 million.

    Ahrendts will have to wait till 2018 to get the money, but I for one would be happy to wait.

    Google Maps update
    Google has released a major update to its Google Maps for iOS application, bringing new navigation features and the integration of Uber. The update is currently only available to US and Canadian users, but will hopefully head down under shortly.

    The first of the features is lane guidance, which informs the driver which lane they should be in to make their next turn. A nifty feature that would aid drivers in busy periods of the day and for those driving in unfamiliar areas.

    The second feature of the new update will allow users to save maps for offline use. This would be a great addition for those who have limited smartphone data.

    The integration of Uber, a taxi service backed by Google Ventures, will bring access to the Uber app from within Google Maps. An Uber button will sit alongside the transit and walking directions.

    Fingers crossed the update arrives in Australia and New Zealand soon.

    By Jonathan
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