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    The latest from the iPhone 6 rumour mill says the next-generation iPhone from Apple may feature rounded edges and a curved glass display. With just that tiny bit of information to go on, the render artists got to work conceptualising what such a device would look like. We've seen previous concept renders from Martin Hajek, but he's back with more imagery, this time imagining a super thin version of the current iPhone, only with rounded edges and a curved glass display.

    Macworld's transcript of what Apple CEO Tim Cook said during Wednesday's earnings call makes for some insightful reading. Cook started out by publicly acknowledging departing CFO Peter Oppenheimer, then spoke on a range of topics. He said the iPhone 4 accounted for a single-digit percentage of all iPhone sales, the iPad has been the fastest growing product in Apple's history. However, there are some that say Apple as a company has stopped growing, and that Apple needs to choose between marketshare and profits when it comes to the iPhone.

    On Thursday I covered in brief that Apple were planning to return capital to investors, but not being a huge financial buff I didn't realise the bigger implications of their announced 7-for-1 stock split. After doing a little extra reading around, it's all to do with making Apple stock easier to trade, as explained by iMore. But the problem with that is, that kind of move might attract the wrong kinds of investors, as covered over at the New York Times.

    A rumour says the MacBook Air lineup is about to get what will probably turn out to be a small spec bump sometime next week. MacRumors says there are a number of recently-released Intel processors that could make the cut, but I guess we'll see one way or the other next week.

    Not only did Macworld manage to get their hands on a Mac Pro, they also managed to connect a whopping 42 devices to it via Thunderbolt: We connected 36 drives (19 Thunderbolt, 15 USB, 2 FireWire 800) with a combined capacity of 100.63TB. In addition to the drives, we also connected two Thunderbolt docks, an Apple Thunderbolt Display, two Apple Cinema Displays, and one HP Z Display Z27i." Anyone who just said the new Mac Pro wasn't as expandable as the old Mac Pro just shut their mouth.

    Apple recently opened the doors on its AppleSeed program so anyone could sign up for prerelease versions of OS X. It might sound like fun and games, but there's more to it than that. Both ZDNet and iMore ran stories on why signing up for the program might be a bad idea, unless you're the kind of person that actually likes finding and fixing bugs.

    Also from ZDNet was a piece that said the release of iOS 7.1.1 improved battery life. Testing from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes revealed better battery life after updating to iOS 7.1.1, compared to a battery life drop when iOS 7.1 was released. Our own forum thread suggests iOS 7.1.1 also brought along a number of issues, but my own iPhone has been running perfectly, and I haven't heard anything serious from the usual channels.

    Manton Reece writes about tint colour misuse in iOS 7, both in Apple's own apps and in apps from third-party developers. It's a usability issue, Reece writes: "the problem is the implementation in apps that use tint color anytime they want to highlight something, whether it is tappable or not." Continuing the designer theme, a post from the Radian Tap blog explains the design process behind Units convert.

    Rumour has it the upcoming iWatch may ultimately replace the iPod, but the even sadder news is that there might not be any new iPod models in 2014. Not exactly a huge shock seeing as iPod sales have been declining year on year for a number of years now, but still. It's the iPod we're talking about here.

    There are new iPhones on the horizon, but that wasn't always the case. Before the iPhone, there were mockups of some seriously bizarre-o devices which resembled the kind of device we wanted. I mean, at least that's what I think the hardware concept images look like I don't know about you, but I'd totally buy a lampshade iPhone.
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