• Wednesday Morning News

    In iPhone 6 news, a rumour claims Apple are having issues with finding a battery suitable for use in the largest of the large iPhones. The new battery needs to be less than 2mm tall, which is about a third thinner than current batteries, and according to multiple sources, that's why the larger 5.5-inch model will launch after the 4.7-inch one.

    As part of Earth Day yesterday Apple turned the leaf on Apple Retail Store logos green and gave out green t-shirts to employees. Apple has also opened up its own recycling program worldwide, even for non-Apple branded products. The Australian recycling page on the Apple website says they'll recycle up to one computer and one monitor per collection.

    Apple has released iOS 7.1.1, an update which further addresses Touch ID and keyboard improvements, where a bug could impact keyboard responsiveness. The update was just 18.8MB on my own iPhone 5 this morning and is available now OTA and via iTunes.

    Speaking of software updates, the guys behind 1Password have been busy. First up is 1Password 4.5 for iOS, which is the iOS 7 redesign you've been waiting for. It looks super pretty, but there are a number of other changes as well, as detailed at MacStories: "1Password 4.5 doesn't deeply reimagine the way 1Password works, but every aspect of the app has received a facelift that needed AgileBits to reconsider each screen and menu with a refreshed design language that feels at home on iOS 7." 1Password 4 for Mac has also been updated, which is more focused on minor refinements to the app rather than a total redesign, says 9to5Mac.

    Beats Music are now selling subscriptions from within their iOS app, and like Microsoft, it means they're taking the 30% hit that Apple talks from in-app purchases and subscriptions. But if half of Beats Mobile users use an iPhone, that kind of makes sense after all, you might as well offer subscriptions to half your user base, even if does mean you'll lose out on 30% of every sub.

    Ars Technica has the report on an instance of malware found on jailbroken iOS devices which captures the Apple ID credentials of users, stealing their usernames and passwords. It's another example of the ways jailbreaking has the potential to compromise iOS security, and while the malware doesn't appear to run on 64-bit hardware (iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display models should be unaffected), users who have jailbroken their devices are encouraged to restore to fix the issue.

    In other software updates, a new security update for OS X has been released by Apple, along with a version bump for Safari. The Apple TV 6.1.1 update has also been released, and for those curious about OS X beta seeds, Apple has opened up its beta seed program to all users, not just developers or those invited to participate.

    The battle between Samsung and Apple in the courts continues, with the latest salvo being fired from Samsung. Samsung says Apple infringed on a number of their own patents, including one that's aimed at FaceTime video calls.

    I'm not sure how legit the Sensor Tower blog is, but they have a bunch of App Store optimisation and marketing tips for app developers that might be worth checking out if you're releasing anything on the App Store. Some of it might make for interesting reading, so I'm linking it here.

    Over at Stratechery, Ben Thompson writes about what kind of company Nike are, and whether Apple would consider partnering with them on some kind of smartwatch/wearable fitness gadget. The two companies have worked together before, with the FuelBand being available in Apple Retail locations, but could they work together on something Apple made? Potentially, yes.
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