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    Today is World Earth Day, and Apple has decided to update its environmental responsibility mini-site to show how they're making a difference. They've released a new short clip, narrated by none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook, that tells us the ways Apple is being more environmentally-friendly. Apple products are using less power, harmful materials and substances aren't being used, and they're recycling products where ever possible to minimise waste.

    A great article at Wired continues the environmental friendliness story. Steven Levy tours one of Apple's solar power plants with Apple VP of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson, a former head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Levy says Apple is close to powering all its facilities by 100% renewable energy; corporate campuses and data centres already account for 94%, but the rest is on Retail Stores.

    A new video showing off the Apple Campus 2 has surfaced, and it reveals that the building didn't start out with the circular "spaceship" structure it has today. The video was originally shown in October last year, but has only now been revealed to the general public. Continuing the theme, the video also reveals some of the ways in which the new campus is environmentally friendly, such as the ability to go without powered air-con or heating for the majority of the year, thanks to natural ventilation.

    Apple has applied for a trademark for the "Apple" name to cover jewellery and watches. According to the story from MacRumors, trademarks only appear to cover certain classes, and Class 14, Jewellery, covers products made with precious metals, materials, and in general, covers jewellery, clocks, and watches.

    Analyst Gene Munster says the larger-screened iPhone 6 is unlikely to affect sales of the iPad mini, at least not in any meaningful way. He said: "we believe any potential cannibalization would be roughly neutral overall to the model as we believe in some situations users might accelerate their phone update instead of buying an iPad Mini and keep an old phone, while in other cases we might see consumers that purchase an iPhone 6 decide to purchase an iPad Air instead of Mini to increase the utility difference between the devices."

    Re/code reports Apple are interviewing job candidates for an upcoming foray into mobile payments. And that's about all we know Apple wants to take advantage of the millions of credit cards it has on file, and while it has previously considered acquiring Square, that didn't happen.

    Another day, another set of new channels for the Apple TV that make absolutely no sense outside of the US. A&E Networks have provided Lifetime, The History Channel, and A&E apps, but they're limited to a number of US-only cable providers.

    MG Siegler really liked the iPhone 5C. He was more impressed with it than with the iPhone 5S. Yet, despite disappointing sales of the product, he's surprised at the amount of advertising used to push the device into the eyeballs of consumers who have likely settled for the iPhone 5S, or something else altogether.

    People say Apple products cost more than competitors. Sure, you can pick up a new laptop for cheaper than what a Retina MacBook Pro costs, but part of the Apple game is the pursuit of affordable luxury electronics, says AppleInsider. Apple's competitors, in their strive to offer competing products at lower price points, often miss the mark and not only make less profit for their parent company, but also leave a sour taste in the mouth of consumers.

    The Mac Observer reviews the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad Air, and it's a solidly-built keyboard cover with a great key feel.
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