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    Confirmation of aftermarket CarPlay hardware came from all directions last week, with both Alpine and Pioneer saying they would be offering separate CarPlay units later this year. Now, even Apple are confirming the availability of aftermarket CarPlay hardware on their CarPlay feature page. That said, there's a number of vehicles from manufacturers that will launch with CarPlay support, and The Verge takes a look at what CarPlay will look like.

    One concept artist has created some iPhone 6 renders that look pretty realistic. Like the rumours have suggested, Martin Hajek's renders show off a next-gen iPhone with a design inspired by the curved edges of the current-generation iPod touch, although I think the curve will be a little more subtle than what the renders portray. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the bezels look wrong.

    Apple has hired one Divya Nag, a "rising star" in the medical device community, according to 9to5Mac. Nag has experience in gaining FDA approval for devices, as well as product development. Speculation says it's another notch in the arrow for Apple's upcoming health and fitness push, possibly alongside the launch of iOS 8 with its Healthbook app later this year.

    Which is why it's all the more interesting Nike have seemingly discontinued development of its Nike FuelBand product. Just like that, Nike has apparently canned the entire team, instead choosing to focus on software instead of wearable technology. It's also interesting that none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook sits on the Nike board — did Nike see the writing on the wall and throw in the towel?

    A number of reports say users still on iOS 6 (which still accounts for some 11% of all active devices) have been experiencing FaceTime issues over the past few days. It's probably just a temporary issue, despite all other Apple web services showing as in the green. Still, as pointed out by numerous Apple support documents, it's a good idea to make sure you're running the latest software whenever possible.

    In other news, Apple is offering developers a second chance to purchase WWDC tickets. Apple initially offered tickets via a lottery system, giving the chosen ones until April 14th to pony up the cost of a ticket. Now, the company is giving developers who didn't win a chance to purchase unclaimed tickets.

    We don't hear a lot about iAd from people that have used it as an actual advertising platform. I'm not really sure why either, seeing as an experiment with iAd proved how effected it was for the team behind Colorbay. Ever since Apple dropped the minimum iAd spend to $50, advertising via iAd is something even indie developers can afford — and even something that will pay dividends.

    The Sweet Setup has a set of great articles that are all to do with arguably the most important aspect of computer usage. Yes, I'm talking about backups, and The Sweet Setup covers everything from general backup advice to the easiest way to backup your Mac. Spoiler: it's included with every Mac.

    9to5Mac reviews a trio of USB hubs from Satechi. Not all USB hubs are created equal, and Satechi seem to have a decent range of products. Some don't require an additional power adapter (making them more suitable for travel use), some do (but still won't charge an iPad), and others still can charge an iPad (but look more utilitarian compared to the other models). Our own forum thread has a few more recommendations, if you're looking for the perfect USB hub.

    With the OpenSSL vulnerability known as Heartbleed causing all kinds of internet havoc over the past few weeks, it's a good idea to change your passwords. But hold on a second, says 1Password — you might not want to change the password for site that is still vulnerable. That's where 1Password's Watchtower comes in, which lets you check websites for the Heartbleed vulnerability.

    Beamer 2.0 is out, and the Mac app lets you stream any video file to your Apple TV now has the ability to create playlists so you don't have to get up from your Game of Thrones catchup binge. What's more, both text and image-based subtitles can also be streamed. Beamer 2 requires OS X Mavericks, and it's available as a free trial from the website.

    Products that like the Booqpad prove that no matter how futuristic your iPad Air might look and feel, sometimes, you just can't beat a good, old-fashioned pen and paper. Even if there are a multitude of apps for that kind of thing, including some that can reject your palm, work with a pressure-sensitive stylus, and so on. Now, where did I leave my hoverboard…
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