• Friday Morning News

    For all the talk about a next-generation iPhone with a larger screen, I haven't seen that much about how Apple will switch to a larger display without messing up their pixel-perfect Retina resolution. Sure, we got a slightly larger screen with the iPhone 5, but that doesn't count since Apple simply added extra pixels to the top. The iPhone 6, with a larger screen in both dimensions, will present a much bigger challenge, writes MacRumors, who investigate how Apple might make it work.

    Everyone remembers the Shazam iPhone ad from 2008, right? Back then music identification was some magical thing that really demonstrated the power of having a device with an on-demand internet connection. The latest rumour says Apple are planning to integrate some kind of Shazam-like song identification into iOS 8, perhaps even in partnership with Shazam themselves.

    Bjango has released Skala Color, a plugin to the built-in colour picker in OS X. MacStories goes hands-on, saying it comes with a number of useful options for designers and developers. It's just a small slice of what Skala will eventually do, the Bjango website proclaims.

    Speaking of new apps, RunKeeper has released a new app which goes further than just tracking steps. It's designed to be a personal health coach by presenting subtle yet persuasive suggestions for users to get moving, says AppleInsider. It might seem a little naggy with the consistent push notifications encouraging you, but it's all for a good reason.

    The latest update to Twitterrific for iOS adds an "Edit Tweet" button, which is designed to let users quickly fix typos in tweets. It's important to note that such functionality isn't officially supported by Twitter. Instead, Twitterrific deletes and re-creates the original tweet, letting users correct their tweets quickly.

    Speaking of updated apps, Flickr's new iOS app redesign aims squarely at Instagram and other photo-sharing services. The app puts an emphasis on the main feed of photos, and interaction has been improved across the board. The Verge says "it takes the easy-capture and sharing features of Instagram and pairs them with the worry-free backup of Dropbox and Google+."

    Macworld has collected a bunch of tips and tricks about little-known features in iOS 7. It's worth checking out, even if you think you already know everything there is to know about iOS 7.

    Over at iMore, Rene Ritchie asks if there's anything that Apple could do to make the interface for iOS 8 smarter. At this stage of the game iOS features have probably been locked down, but in terms of affordances and accessibility, could some elements be made dynamic to suit the wide audience of iOS 8?

    A tip from Mac OS X Hints tells you how to use Time Machine on unsupported volumes. It involves creating a sparsebundle (disk image) and backing up to that, but it means you don't have to reformat an entire drive just to use it with Time Machine. Alternatively, this would also allow you to backup to a network drive other than a Time Capsule.

    If you're looking for something to entertain yourself with this Easter weekend, the recently released Hitman Go for iOS is a surprising hit puzzler, according to Touch Arcade who have reviewed the title. Gameplay is only loosely based on the Hitman series, and instead there's plenty of strategy involved.
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