• Thursday Morning News

    An alleged iPhone 6 case from a third-party manufacturers reveal a number of design changes, in line with recent rumours. The case has slightly rounded edges, suggesting the next iPhone will be shaped similar to the current generation iPod touch, as well as repositioned sleep/wake switch and thin, long volume keys, also like the iPod touch.

    Continuing CarPlay news, Hyundai has announced a CarPlay-compatible navigation system in the 2015 Sonata, which should be out later this year. Also, a small detail I missed yesterday: a report from Ars Technica says Pioneer's CarPlay implementation will be available as an update to existing dashboard units with no new hardware required.

    Guy Kawasaki used to work for Apple as their chief evangelist during the late nineties. He's since moved onto other things, but news has come to light that Kawasaki has taken up the title again, only this time, it's at Australian design startup Canva. TechCrunch reports Kawasaki will help Canva expand internationally.

    A coalition of mobile phone manufacturers and service providers have come up with their own anti-theft solution. The new Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment, as it's called, will ensure that phones manufactured after July 2015 will have a preloaded or downloadable anti-theft tool. Apple is a part of the group, but their Find My iPhone tool via iCloud already provides all of the functionality stipulated by the solution.

    The current court case should tell you that Apple doesn't like Samsung very much. But the problem is, Apple relies on Samsung for fabrication purposes. Matt Richman says Apple needs to move away from Samsung, and explores the possibility of Apple moving to Intel for fabrication of its ARM-based silicon.

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wants Apple to use Yahoo Mobile Search as the default search engine on iPhone and iPad. Nothing official has happened yet, but there's definitely stuff in the pipeline, according to Re/code.

    Choosing between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro with Retina display is somethig lots of people fret over. Last year, Athol Hill wrote an article on how to make the decision, and today, Rob Griffiths of Macworld has a similar article which examines the decision in even more detail.

    Great strides have been made in the iOS space for education, but there's more that can be done. Bradley Chambers writes about some low-hanging fruit that would make a difference with iOS devices used in the education space, such as better support for in-app purchases, or even more storage capacity and better hardware durability.

    ILounge shows off the TwelveSouth BookArc möd for Apple portables. It's like the BookArc you know and love, except with a removable insert that makes it compatible with every kind of Mac portable. Oh, and it also comes in three lovely wooden finishes.

    Following a soft-release which led to Twitch channels being shut down and YouTube videos being taken down, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a disappointing release mired with the usual in-app purchase thievery. But that's OK, because games like David, with one foot planted in the experience-focused camp and the other in the mechanics-focused one, are there to pick up the slack.
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