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    A single bad "goto" is the reason OS X is vulnerable to man in the middle attacks (iOS was too, until the release of 7.0.6 and 6.1.6). The good news is that Apple are planning a fix for the critical security issue, which researchers have found also affects OS X apps that use the same SSL library. Apps such as iMessage, Twitter, Calendar, Keynote, Mail, and others have found to be affected.

    Following news Steve Jobs will be honoured on a US postage stamp, The Loop Magazine has a special Steve Jobs-themed issue.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has posted a pair of tweets which remember Steve Jobs on what would have been his 59th birthday, both quotes from Jobs himself. "Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right" and the eternal wisdom of "stay hungry, stay foolish" were posted by Cook. A profile of Cook details his earlier life in Alabama, where he was on the yearbook staff, "took care of the business end of things", and played the trombone.

    Via the PAX Australia Facebook page, there's a Meet the Developer event at the Sydney (George St) Apple Store tomorrow which will feature developers from Halfbrick Studios talking about what goes into building and marketing a successful game. Registrations for the event are recommended.

    The Mad Catz CTRLi is the second Bluetooth game controller for iOS 7 that we've seen in the wild. It was recently announced at MWC, looks a bit like an Xbox controller, and will be available later this year for around $80.

    Messaging service WhatsApp, recently acquired by Facebook, is planning to add a voice service in Q2 this year. The full report is available at TechCrunch, but it'll mean that a large communications platform will gain a pretty big feature.

    The world's first Apple-certified Made for iPhone hearing aids have launched, and they're able to connect directly to iOS devices without the need for any other device. Wearers can use the hearing aids to talk on the phone or listen to music, and there's even a "Find My Hearing Aid" function to help users find lost hearing aids.

    With the introduction of the World Wrestling Entertainment channel for Apple TV, users can now stream wrestling matches 24/7. Subscribers to the service will have full access to the content offered in the channel and in the updated WWE iOS app, but the channel is only available to customers in the US. A worldwide rollout is expected to follow shortly.

    Minimally minimal's look back at the iPod mini calls it the greatest thing mankind has ever made. Originally launched in January 204, the iPod mini was the embodiment of everything that was great about the iPod at the time, in an even more attractive form factor and with no moving parts. It was, truthfully, a very beautiful device.

    Gabe from Macdrifter's quick tip is how you can adjust the date format system-wide on Mavericks. A short trip to the Language and Region preferences pane is all it takes.
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