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    In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed rumours from earlier in the week about a meeting with Apple, but he's saying any acquisition of Tesla from any company would be very unlikely. As for what the talks were actually about? The smart money is on something to do with Tesla's massive li-ion battery plant, which Apple could be involved in.

    Speaking of acquisitions, Facebook is buying WhatsApp for a total of US $19 billion; $16 billion in cash and stock, and an extra $3 billion in restricted stock units. The cross-platform messaging app is seen as a leader both in active users (450 million) and new user signups (1 million ) daily. Ben Evans ran the numbers, and yeah, WhatsApp employees (all 32 of them) are pretty rich now. Oh, and if we're counting, the deal is worth about 16 Instagrams. Six. Teen. Instagrams.

    DoubleTwist's AirPlay Recorder is now able to record iTunes Radio for offline playback. According to the doubleTwist blog, it's as simple as selecting the app as the destination via AirPlay streaming and hitting the record button. The app itself is $10.

    A concept of what iOS 8's Mission Control might look and work like is on Dribbble today. Of course, no-one besides Apple knows what iOS 8 will look like, but there's no doubt it'll be an evolution on the current look and feel of iOS 7. There's a few good ideas in the concept, such as combining Control Centre and the multitasking view.

    Fleksy has released their keyboard SDK to the public, meaning their predictive touch keyboard with gestures may soon show up in an app near you. I haven't used the Fleksy keyboard personally, but the demo video looks extremely impressive swiping from letter to letter is cool and all, but the predictive ability of Fleksy seems like outright witchcraft.

    Over at TechCrunch, Sarah Perez cracks the lid on a scammer who earned tens of thousands using a $10 template for an app. It all comes down to how lucrative being in the top ten paid list actually is when you're there, you can easily make tens of thousands per day in downloads. The top paid list can be great indicator of what apps are popular, but when it's abused and purposely gamed, that's when Apple should rethink the entire thing.

    Tom Karen designed the Raleigh Chopper (a bike) and the Bond Bug (a car), and he's also the one who talked Jony Ive out of quitting his industrial design course. Cool.

    You might not have heard of Steve Perlman before, but the Silicon Valley inventor and one of the people behind Apple's QuickTime says he can revolutionise mobile phones with a signal that's 1000 times faster than what you currently have and stronger everywhere. I live in the eternal hope that pCell takes off, but thanks to carriers, it probably won't.

    If you're prepared to change the date of your iPhone temporarily, you can play GameBoy Advance games without jailbreaking. Version 2.0 of GBA4iOS supports Dropbox so you can store your ROMs there, but you can also download ROMs from the built-in browser. More details over at TouchArcade.

    And just in case you didn't have anything better to do with your weekend, TouchArcade continues their great Threes! coverage with a summary of everything they've learnt so far, including the story of how someone built an AI to play the game.
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