• Thursday Morning News

    It's always great fun when any of the rumour blogs open with the word "sketchy", and the latest rumours surrounding the iWatch are no exception. 9to5Mac cites an "unconfirmed report" which says the iWatch will have a curved, flexible display, with mass production expected in the second half of this year. MacRumors also cites the same report in the China Times, with TPK to supply flexible AMOLED touch panels for Apple's iWatch.

    It wouldn't be sketchy rumour Thursday without a third Apple rumour blog joining in on the fun, but this time it's MacRumors who say Apple will release a 5.6-inch "experimental" iPhone that, strangely enough, won't have any iPhone branding at all. Once again, AppleInsider points to the same report without labelling it sketchy, despite MacRumors' obvious (and completely warranted) disbelief Apple would ever drop the iPhone brand.

    Apple are preparing a fix for sleep/wake crashes on the 2013 MacBook Air, after many users reported the issue on Apple's Support Communities forum. Both 11 and 13-inch machines are affected by the issue, which seems to be related to OS X Mavericks and the way power buttons work, with one user able to successfully reproduce the issue.

    Since its launch in 2007, the iTunes Festival has always been held in London. In 2014, that changes: Apple's iTunes Festival will make its US debut at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, from March 11-15. The Verge notes that the festival will be streamed live to those that can't make it in person.

    Lex Friedman of Macworld tells us how Mac experts manage their calendars. What do you do when you've got too many items on your plate and need to reschedule something? Or how do you manage multiple devices and/or multiple calendars? Mac experts have the answers.

    Over at The Next Web, speculation abounds. What if Apple did buy Tesla, asks Josh Ong. What would the most valuable company in the world, a company focused on consumer technology, want or possibly do with a car manufacturer? Maybe they could bring it to Australia, where car manufacturers seem to be feeling like rats off a sinking ship* but that's for our sister site CarTalk to figure out.

    Candy Crush Saga generated $1.5 billion in revenue last year, which should make you feel at least a little guilty about all in app purchases you, uh, purchased. You skip levels or something, right?

    TUAW has five pointless OS X tricks to show you. Some, like the one where you reset your Dock to the factory default, could actually come in handy one day. And if you manage a Mac for someone, maybe making the Dock unable to be modified would be a good idea.

    The Mac Observer writes about five features the next iPad Air and mini should have, starting off with better Wi-Fi. 802.11ac support should definitely come to mobile devices in the future, but I feel as though there's other, lower-hanging fruit we should be chasing before. Like Touch ID, which the article also makes mention of.

    It's been a while since we've had an article from Scoopertino, but their latest on Tim Cook experimenting with reality distortion instead of innovative products gave me a good laugh this morning.
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