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    The second story Apple has decided to publish about "Your Verse" revolves around how mountaineers are using an iPad app to map out their climbs, study terrain, and decide where to camp. The Gaia GPS topography app lets them do so much more than a paper map could. And despite what you might think about the lack of 3G/data connectivity on high mountains, the iPad also lets them post about their journey to social media.

    Tracking health and fitness via some kind of smartwatch is fine, but Apple's latest (granted) patent says they can do the same thing with a pair of headphones. The headphones can detect head gestures, activity, perspiration, and heart rate via a number of sensors. However, the patent appears to suggest the headphones aren't designed to be worn all day long, limiting their usefulness.

    Another patent application describes a MacBook with touch-sensitive controls along the bezel and chassis. These button-less controls would let users modify things like volume or media playback without pressing physical buttons like today's MacBooks. A touch-based version of OS X might not make sense, but a touch-enhanced version of OS X would be extremely interesting to see.

    The next update to iOS 7 is expected to bring along tools to simplify mass deployment and management. The next update to iOS 7 is expected to land mid-March, with a big overhaul of the Mobile Device Management suite and a new Volume Services web client. Apple already has a Configurator app for OTA configuration of iOS devices, but the new management tools will be aimed at enterprise and larger education sectors.

    If you had a 13-inch iPad with very thin bezels that could run OS X, this video shows off what such a device would look like. While it appears to work just like a touch-capable MacBook, the devil would be in the details. The fact that a keyboard and mouse are shown with it straight off the bat is a dead giveaway that this kind of thing probably won't work.

    At this point, I think it's safe to say Realmac Software botched the release of Clear+, their Universal version of Clear. But credit where credit is due, they're doing the right thing by their customers and making it right. Starting today, Clear is free for 24 hours so Clear+ can migrate back to the One True Version of Clear, which will now be a Universal app. Full details available in the letter to consumers on the Clear blog.

    Advertising Age tells us it's hard for Amazon and Apple to sell advertising when they're not disclosing as much information about their customers as Google are. It's an eye-opening look into the world of advertising sales some companies are great at it, others, not so much.

    Mike Wehner from TUAW had a go at designing a better MagSafe 2 connector. The current T-shaped charger is seen as inferior to the L-shaped design, which exists in the first generation MagSafe only. As Wehner's post shows, an L-shaped MagSafe 2 connector should be theoretically possible, so why hasn't Apple made one?

    WebNES is a new open-source NES emulator that's entirely on the web. And because it's on the web, it means you can play NES games on an iPhone without jailbreaking. Suddenly, it's iPhone OS 1.x all over again, where the App Store didn't exist and web apps were all the rage.

    No matter how much you read about iPads running touch-capable versions of OS X, it probably won't happen. Marco Tabini from Macworld tells us why iOS and OS X were separated at birth, and why they're going to stay that way.
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